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Business Consultation

Innova consulting offerings are the building blocks we use to solve national or local technology and business problems. Tailored to address individual client needs and unique sector priorities, offerings draw upon Innova’s broad portfolio of capabilities. By combining experience, methods, tools and talent, we accelerate time to value and reduce risk for clients.

Consulting Services

Unlike many consulting firms in which a sole consultant is responsible for a particular project, INNOVA flourishes in an interactive culture with the exchange of ideas and critique of each other's work. Thus customers benefit not just from the dedicated efforts of one or two key persons, but from the wide-ranging input of a team of in-depth technology experts.

Unbiased Solutions, Detailed and Creative Expertise Fundamentally critical to the integrity of the customer's project, INNOVA consultants are required to provide objective alternatives and unbiased solutions to customers. In depth knowledge and creativity help customers make well-informed decisions that complement long term strategic plans.

Depth and Diversity of Technical Resources is what Innova draws upon it in house expertise and experience.

As well as tapping into the resources from partner organizations. Only Proven Processes and Methodologies are use. Processes and methodologies are tailored to the goals of each project guaranteeing successful integration of solutions within the requirements of each customer.

Excellence of Technical Documentation Documentation plays two crucial roles. Documentation tracks and verifies each project phase, and assists technical and non-technical customers in supporting new solutions after completion of each project. Digital photos of each site are posted to INNOVA'S web site to help assist in support activities, and quality assurance.

Synergism through Practical Experience In addition to academic and theoretical education, INNOVA consulting teams are professionals with in-depth, hands-on understanding of real world requirements, and the business aspects of a commitment to a proposed solution.

  • Technology

    • Program and Project Management

    • Network System Integration

    • Technology Consulting

    • Data Center Design

    • Cost Management

  • Analysis & Assessment

    • Business Impact Analysis

    • Technology Assessment

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

    • Business Continuity Planning

    • BC Advisory Services

  • Project Management Services

    • Project Initiation Development

    • Program Management Office

    • Project Controls

    • Project Management

  • Strategic Planning

    • Technology Architecture and Planning

    • IT Investment Review

    • IT Efficiency Assessment

  • Data Center Services

    • Data Center Design Services

    • Requirements and Construction

    • Consolidation and System Relocation

    • Data Center Expansion Strategy

  • Outsources Evaluation & Cost Management

    • Vendor Evaluation

    • Vendor Management

    • Financial Management and Budgeting

    • Acquisition Due Diligence

    • SLA Negotiation

    • Contract Management

    • E-Business Strategy Planning

Green Building Technology Consulting Services

Innova's commitment to sustainability encompasses having the ability and experience to design buildings technology and infrastructure following LEED criteria and to successfully manage the LEED Administration Certification Process.

The ability to design sustainable buildings with an eye towards LEED (LEED NC, LEED CS, etc.) is a strength that we fully leverage on behalf of our clients. Consider Innova as a full service engineering firm with the ability to guide you through the LEED certification process.

Innova provides Green Building Technology and Infrastructure and LEED-Specific Consulting Services for all project types, including commercial, institutional, higher education, K-12 schools, healthcare, residential, retail, hospitality, recreational and cultural.

Being Green Makes Business Sense

One example of sustainable design as it relates to commercial building technology systems is the concept of Motorola’s Passive Optical LAN offered by Innova Global Technology.

More and more today, building’s low-voltage systems and power- hungry layer 2 network switches are replaced by Passive Optical LAN (POL) or Passive Optical Network (PON).

PON is passive since no power, air conditioning or active equipment (switches, UPS, servers) are required in building wiring closets (IDFs). POL eliminates vertical or horizontal copper cabling requirements (Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Cat8...). POL is also capable of up to 1 Gig bandwidth delivery to desktop and single mode fiber lifespan is 20 years plus.

In typical deployment, POL results in a reduction of 8,000 pounds less plastic versus a Category 6 copper infrastructure, and 28,000 pounds less plastic compared to a Category 6A copper infrastructure. In addition, the POL uses 8,000 pounds less copper and adds 30 pounds of glass.

POL, an all-fiber LAN solution that operates on a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), is a leading alternative to the traditional LAN network that enables architects and design engineers to increase the use of eco-friendly materials while significantly reducing energy consumption and significant costs associated with traditional LAN architectures . PON review - Read more read more ( under The Architectural Choice for Greener Buildings, Lower Costs, and Higher Performance )

POL is a proven technology and has been deployed for US residential customers under Verizon FIOS brand name and as of 2009 the number of homes with FiOS availability was 12.7 million.

Innova commitment to sustainability encompasses having the ability and experience to design buildings technology and infrastructure following LEED criteria and to successfully manage the LEED Administration certification process.

POL Benefit Summary:

  1. Simple to deploy and perfect solution for new commercial building or upgrades.

  2. Significant CAPEX and OPEX Savings with the Passive Optical LAN.

  3. Green advantages including space, cost and energy reduction.

  4. Reliability (Carrier-grade technology and fiber optics) and Security.

Free Consultation

Before you spend one dime on your network, your first call should be to an Innova consultant.

Why? Because chances are a consultation with Innova can save you time and money on any networking and infrastructure project.

Call Us With Your Questions and Comments

Innova global technology experienced Integration Services Team offers you a single source for skilled planning, design, integration and implementation of all the components included in a turnkey solution. From large interprise building, campus wide technology designs to the smallest data closet cleanup, our highly experienced engineers have seen it all and can guide building owner or It managers through the most detailed implementations, giving you complete peace of mind.

At Innova Global, our consulting professionals focus on finding and researching the combinations of technology and services that match our clients' needs and maximize savings, maintaining a vendor-neutral perspective. If you are considering changes to your building or campus infostructure connectivity and technology systems, investing in new services or products but reducing OpEx and CapEx around 40% and more, or if you are wishing to maximize the functionality of what you already have in place, Innova can help you make the optimal decisions and plans.

Our experienced consultant with hands on experience are available to conduct free and on site infrastructure site surveys to accurately assess the layout and conditions impacting the environment. Critical data gathered in the site survey will be incorporated into the final floor plan and infrastructure design plan and a complete Total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis that quantifies the advantages of POL over the tiered switched Ethernet and present mode of operation (PMO). We are proud to offer our free site surveys anywhere in the USA, depending on the size and scope of the project.

We Offer Free Site Survey, Need Assessment and Consultation.