Audio & Video Systems

In This global economy, Gone are the days of untested loyalty. With the integration and homogenization of product solutions and services lost in the sea of similarity, the only difference between most companies and their competition is the style in which their products or services are delivered.

INNOVA understands this paradigm, and for that very reason, INNOVA leads the way in customized service-oriented approaches to project design and implementation services. While most technology companies "look and act" similar, INNOVA really is a "value added" technology provider. INNOVA technology professionals lead companies to adopt and implement new robust technologies while carefully considering overall cost and productivity objectives. This careful balancing act, coupled with a unique service delivery style is what differentiates INNOVA from all other technology providers in the market today.

CORE networking solutions and services:

          » Consulting and Engineering

          » Project Management and Deployment

          » Hardware, Software and Network Infrastructure Installation Services