Network Cabling and Wiring

InnovaGlobal delivers a single source solution for your structured cabling requirements. Our solution is to first assess your established and potential network requirements, then to work with you to apply the best solution at the best price: on time, and on budget. During the process our installation team will ensure the highest quality service and will strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the way.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Structured Voice & Data Network Cabling

  • Data Network Wiring & Cabling

  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Optical Fiber Installation

  • Wire Management

  • Patch Panel Termination

  • Testing

  • Certification

Servers, Desktops, and Chromebooks

We help our clients find the best computer systems for their needs. We assist our clients from purchase to installation, we make it simple. We have done local and nationwide deployment for offices and medical offices.

Phone Systems

InnovaGlobal provides a one-stop solution for your business communication needs. Our professional and pleasant staff has the experience and expertise to work with you to design, install, and maintain a business phone system that will best fulfill your company's needs, from basic digital phone systems to contemporary VoIP phone systems, we've got you taken care of. InnovaGlobal offer sales, installation and maintenance of both large and small business phone systems with the same friendly and expert care.

Fiber Optic Cabling

InnovaGlobal is a fiber optic cable installer / contractor providing a wide range of services, including installs of single or multimode fiber; fiber optic cable testing & certification; and fiber optic cable termination (ST - SC - LC connectors). We will guarantee quality control throughout the process and strive to exceed your expectations each step of the way.

  • Single Mode Fiber

  • Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cabling

  • Fiber Optic Cable Testing & Certification

  • Terminations (ST - SC - LC connectors)


InnovaGlobal provides various solutions for video surveillance and security system installation. Our team offer's you peace of mind that your business or office is and will be protected 24 hours a day. Security Camera and Video Surveillance Systems, also known as CCTV systems, DVR security, or IP cameras can be a great tool to protect your company or commercial properties from theft, damaging lawsuits, employee misconduct, and vandalism. Whatever solution your needs require, our professional security installers will help you select the correct surveillance system, identify the most effective configuration of security equipment, and offer you secure and reliable installation.

Our customizable security system solutions include, but aren't limited to:

  • DVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems Sales & Installation

  • Wireless Cameras

  • Remote Viewing Surveillance Systems

  • Digital Video Recorders-DVR

  • Network Video Recorders-NVR

  • PC, Embedded, and Hybrid

  • Wireless Video Systems

  • Security Cameras

  • IP Cameras

  • Multi-location Surveillance

  • Indoor and outdoor surveillance

  • Mega pixel cameras (HD+)

  • Remote viewing from pc/phone

  • Infrared night cameras

Access Control

Electronic access control is based primarily on three W's – WHO, WHERE, and WHEN. Bearing this in mind, an electronic access control system regulates who may access specific doors or other types of entry points, such as parking gates, or elevators at specified times.

SimonsVoss 3060

The SimonsVoss 3060 digital locking and access control system is the electronic equivalent of a mechanical lock system with classic access control functions. The whole system can be programmed using either a programming transponder (without a computer), a programming unit and software, or via a network.

IRIS Biometrics

Iris ID has been the leader and key developer and driver of the commercialization of iris recognition technology for the past 15 years. Iris Access continues to lead the market as the world’s most advanced and most widely deployed iris recognition platform.


From office security and prevention to your data and voice technology security. We offer our 20 years of experience and state of art technology and support to keep you and your assets (data) safe and secure.

Wire and Wireless Networks

NNOVA wireless division offers customers and business partners a full array of wireless services, which complement the wired network offerings for complete connectivity and integration of your existing networks. Services include consulting, systems integration, and installation/project deployment that are focused on developing and installing innovative solutions that improve the effectiveness of mobile workers and businesses. We emphasize the importance of delivering business value today while providing a path to extend solutions into the future.

Data Centers

Whether the application requires a modest computer room environment or a sizable data center housing multiple mainframe computers and hundreds of file servers, INNOVA approaches its design work to result in flexible and functional solutions, that meet current and future technology requirements. Attention is also given to the ergonomic design of the cable placement and equipment layout to ensure that people are efficient and productive while enabling for accessibility of services.

National Installation and Deployment

INNOVA is a rollout leader in the deployment of nationwide multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts for commercial and government organizations Whether company rollout project is 10 or 10,000 locations, we use a Google powered system and processes to provide a real time and collaborative management system to support a national field force of local onsite technicians to deploy infrastructure technology on a nationwide scale

Office in the Cloud

See how running your business with cloud solutions, helps your business run lean and cut costs as well as makes your office accessible with almost anywhere with an internet connection and across multiple devices.

Medical and Dental Technology

Our Medical and Dental technology division knows dental practices rely on information and computing technology to provide efficient quality care to its patients. The office staff and doctor depend on the computer network for most of their tasks. From contacting patients, scheduling, billing, charting to digital dentistry images and accounting, a dental practice cannot function without a stable computer system and network. We ensure that all office technology is running at utmost efficiency.

Structured cabling installation or contracting services

We offer our clients a range of benefits including:

  1. The Integral 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – or we won’t charge you a penny!

  2. A 15 to 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on all data cabling systems and components.

  3. Health and safety accredited by OSHA.

  4. Project Management powered by Google business solutions and a professional approach which is hassle free for our clients.

  5. Sub contract Services including un-marked vans and non-branded uniforms, and guaranteed expertise.

  6. Comprehensive network cabling, Autocad drawing and detail documentation with drawings and certified test results.

  7. Free Network Health Checks – for you or your customers.

  8. Diversified services – use our support and knowledge to offer an extended range of services. These include Phone system installation , passive optical lan , Fibre Optic cabling, Interactive Whiteboard bundles, Wireless, Active Equipment and Electrical installations.

  9. Get in touch today to find out how Innova can add value to you and your business.

Innova Installation and Deployment Services:

  • Local and nationwide services

  • Single Point of contact and accountability

  • Total installation solution, One stop for all installation and deployment projects

  • 24x7 nationwide support services

  • Online, real-time project or service ordering, tracking and status reporting

  • Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Fiber, Cat 7 Cabling

  • Backbone and CKT ( analog , digital , T1 ..etc. ) extension, cross-connect and testing

  • Copper Cabling ( I.e coax, audio, video, surveillance)

  • Router, switch and hardware Rack and stack

  • HUB room, MDF, and wiring closet design and installation

  • HUB room, MDF, and wiring close redesign or clean up

  • Data center hardware installation

  • Data center clean up and rack/stack

  • Fiber backbone installation

  • Component and software loading and integration

  • Network conversions and upgrades

  • Technology upgrade, Conversion and remediation

  • Digital Signage Installation & deployment

  • Large screen TV and projectors cabling and installation

  • Kiosks / ATMs Roll-out Installation Services

  • WAN / LAN / WLAN installation

  • A/P coverage design and installation

  • Intercom, Music & Paging Systems

  • Surveillance Cameras / CCTV

  • Staging, configuration / imaging & Asset Management

  • Specialty Cabling Solutions

  • Security / Physical Access Control / Fire Alarm Systems Installation

  • Vendor Management - Single Point of Contact

  • Nationwide Technology Rollout

  • Moves, Adds, and Changes

  • UPS installation and Battery replacement support

  • Site survey, assessment and information portal

  • On-demand workforce for temporary project staffing

  • Project and deployment web design

  • Office technology system installation ( site survey, design, programming and installation )

  • Phone systems, Voice mail ( Digital, Digital Hybrid, and VOIP systems )

  • WIFI, Access point ( AP ) system

  • Public Announcement ( PA ) system

  • Video Surveillance and camera system

  • Video distribution systems, large screen TV and monitoring and signage

  • POS and Scanner system

We support clients in utilizing all technology to effectively take on business challenges and be successful, every day.

IGT started out in 1985 with a simple mission: "to make communications work." We've amended this to focus on facilitating technology to make collaboration seamless globally in organizations of any size. We offer expansive solutions for modern organizational technology coupled with our own creative techniques and impactful insights.

Innova's divisions and sister companies have been leveraging public cloud internally and for our clients since its inception. We became a "Gone Google" company in early 2007 taking our entire operations to the Google Cloud through G Suite (formerly called Google Apps). Our industry leading expert engineers, internal expertise, and strategic partners are available to address your specific needs and execute the most thoughtful and impactful strategy to build and support your enterprise's cloud backbone.

IGT offers Public Cloud solutions such as Google Cloud, AWS, Asure, G Suite as well as Hosted Services like Managed Backups, DIsaster Recovery Solutions, and more. Our experts can consult with your team in-house and otherwise to develop your cloud adoption lifecycle from migration to support.

We are data center people! At our formative years we were responsible for the design, development, management, physical design + installation, and support of all data centers for one of America's major financial institutions. Since then digital evolutions have caused organizations to refocus, regroup, and adopt a hybrid physical and multi-cloud strategy; driving down not only infrastructure but also real estate costs. We have a 30 year background along with our partners in mid-size and enterprise computing, storage, migration to virtualization, data security, and data protection/backup.

As with our other solutions Innova Global provides a single source, multi-faceted solutions design and services. Keeping costs low for your organization and at the same time leveraging our industry leading expertise as well as access to our consultants, partners, and contacts. We take care of everything from physical infrastructure to digital design and deployment.

The rapidly transforming technological environment is fraught with new cyber security concerns, compliance concerns, developing regulations, along with day to day operational challenges. Your security is much more than a business segment, it is trust. Risk management is a fundamental facet that needs to be addressed head on. Security threats are cropping up in new places like Audio Visual, preparation is key and everything from networking, cloud, application, data, and more need to be protected.

Technology security requires a steady hand at the helm not afraid to bring in world class experts and analyze an environment holistically. We have worked with our enterprise partners to develop a united mindset around securing data across all modern architectures. We offer strategy development, risk management, architecture and design, as well as managed services geared towards your security.