Infrastructure Workstation Wiring

Network Cabling and Wiring

Infrastructure Workstation Wiring

Proper design and implementation of the Communications Cabling Systems (CCS) are critical to support of current and future voice, data and video technologies. INNOVA is experienced in the successful design and project management of sophisticated, forward-thinking solutions, working with a multiplicity of media Specializing in the development of structural wiring plans.

INNOVA concentrates on providing a standardized yet flexible solution specifically tailored to the needs of each customer while accommodating both current and future technologies.

INNOVA can design and engineer outside plant cabling, inside plant cabling, as well as related infrastructure requirements for a single-building up to large multi-campus environments. Depending on the requirements and budget of the project, a multitude of options is usually available for developing the topology and component standards to be utilized. INNOVA works to actively educate and involve its customers by discussing recommendations regarding:

  1. Cabling media (such as copper versus fiber to the workstation).

  2. Topology and its impact on management (i.e., single point of administration versus traditional hierarchical star topologies.)

  3. Pros and cons of various terminating hardware systems. The active involvement of INNOVA customers helps to ensure that the resulting cabling solution will exceed communication requirements as well as customer expectations.