Audio Video Systems

Audio Visual Systems and Integration

Innova Global Technology is committed to delivering the highest quality of experience to the end user, be that a corporate viewing room, executive boardroom, conference room, or any other type of space. There are many moving parts to presentations but making sure your audio visual system is functioning properly and seamlessly shouldn't ever be under question. IGT is here to make sure your equipment is installed, designed, and integrated correctly so that you and your team are never affected by faulty technology. We provide a single source for design and deployment along with our industry partners we create the solutions that just work, no fuss. Please Contact our General Information or reach out to your Account Manager to learn more about what IGT can offer your organization, community, or home!

  • Executive Board Room Solutions

  • Conference Room Solutions

  • Unified Communications

  • Multi and Single Workspace Solutions

  • Displays, Display/Video Walls

  • Digital Display Boards

  • Wireless Video Presentation Solutions

  • Audio/Speakers

  • Sound Masking Options

  • Room Scheduling

  • AI Automation Solutions

  • Digital Signage

  • PA (Paging Systems)

  • Projectors

  • SmartBoards

  • Education Solutions

  • Integrated Touchscreens and Keypads

Some of IGT A/V Partners