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Wireless Site Survey - Temecula Wifi Network Installation

Performing a physical wireless site survey is the only way to develop accurate wireless path calculations to ensure performance of a wireless backhaul system. A wireless site surveys should be performed for a point to point wireless bridge, point to multipoint wireless backhaul, WiMax, or wireless mesh network. This is true for both unlicensed wireless backhaul and licensed microwave links. There are many things to take into consideration when surveying a wireless Ethernet bridge, such as line of sight, trees or other Fresnel Zone obstructions, mounting elevations, radio equipment (frequency, path loss, gain, etc.) These and other variables should be addressed to assure that path calculations match up to the 'real world' environment.

A Site Survey may include the following procedures:

  • Capture GPS coordinate readings for path calculations

  • Provide digital photographs (facility, path, antenna location, cable routes, etc.)

  • Identify locations for mounting solutions (mast / tower).

  • Discover present or potential egress points.

  • Determine potential obstructions to line-of-sight & Fresnel Zone.

  • Identify any possible environmental restrictions.

  • Identify any obvious points of wireless interference.

  • Discover proper grounding, lighting and surge protection.

  • Create Build-of-Materials and product recommendations

Point to Point Wireless

Point to point wireless Ethernet bridge, also known as fixed wireless backhaul or point to point microwave, is an ideal complement or replacement to leased lines and fiber. Whether the requirement is to link individual buildings, communicate between buildings, or link networks across large distances, organizations are increasingly turning to point to point wireless backhaul networks, both licensed microwave links and unlicensed wireless bridges, as the preferred solution. Point to point wireless backhaul provides several advantages:

  • Increase Bandwidth - Up to Gigabit data/voice links (gigabit wireless)

  • Extend Fiber & T1 Installations

  • Lower cost of installation

  • No recurring connection fees

  • Reduce leased line dependency

  • Quick installation—days instead of weeks or months

  • ROI - Cost can usually be recouped in months

  • Performance unaffected by environmental factors

  • Advanced Security - DOD and HIPPA compliant

  • 99.999% Reliability

Because there are no recurring lease fees to a phone company or service provider, outdoor wireless bridge networks in a point to point wireless backhaul configuration saves you money month after month. That, along with the modest cost of the outdoor wireless bridge equipment, is one reason that point to point wireless backhaul costs can be rapidly recouped. Once the wireless bridge equipment is installed, you own it and there are no other costs other than minimal routine maintenance.

Point to point microwave radios provide high quality network connectivity. Point to point wireless bridges can be both simple and inexpensive unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges or true carrier grade (fiber replacement) licensed microwave links.

AirMagnet Spectrum XT - Wireless Network & Access Point Installers in Temecula, CA

The spectrum analyzer for 802.11 (Wi-fi) networks that proactively identifies and finds sources of RF interference

  • Industry’s largest RF interferer classification database to obtain automated answers to performance problems

  • Prioritize issues/interferers with Wi-Fi impact analysis capability

  • Custom signatures allow an instant response to interference problems and provide independence on classification updates

  • Spectrum analyzer will troubleshoot WLAN issues caused by RF interference at remote locations faster by avoiding costly "truck rolls."

AirMagnet Spectrum XT is the first and only professional spectrum analyzer solution that combines in-depth RF analysis with real-time WLAN information for quicker and more accurate trouble­shooting of performance problems. This combined view of “impact analysis of RF interference” on the network’s overall performance helps pin-point the root-cause of those problems.

AirMagnet Spectrum XT is the ideal solution for network engineers and installers/integrators for troubleshooting and deployment of WLAN networks, and is available in the universal and convenient USB form factor, allowing it to be used on any notebook, netbook or tablet PC.