hubbell av solutions

Integrating AV Systems

Today’s business environment relies on the use of multimedia every day. Accessing and viewing video has become as vital as receiving email. Hubbell’s iStation Connectivity products and Delivery Systems solutions are multi-patented product offerings designed to address each user’s expectations, focusing on growing audio video needs.

Hubbell’s main focus is the integration of connections from multimedia devices and applications such as display devices, white boards, video-conferencing, webcasting and streaming

media content into a user friendly interface. Hubbell recognizes that having the right AV connection in the right location is important to providing the flexibility to easily connect and disconnect various devices.

Hubbell’s breadth of connections and delivery products provide a consistent and practical solution for deploying all types of multimedia applications. Whether it’s on a wall, in the floor, in the ceiling, on a desk, in a conference table or in a rack, Hubbell’s AV integrated systems approach is straightforward and user-friendly.

It becomes effortless to add connectors and maintain a uniform look across all systems, delivering the exact configuration needed for the application.