data and voice cabling equipment tools and tester exccess inventory buyer

Low Voltage Excess Inventory Purchasing

Do you have excess inventory that you are looking to liquidate?

IGT is a purchaser of data and voice cabling, equipment, tools and testers. Through our EIP program we will pay for your inventory, this is an easy way to turn your excess inventory into cash. We buy overstock material/cable left over from jobs, business liquidation, and cleaning out your shop.

We are primarily looking for Plenum Category Cable Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a: any American Brands, CommScope, Belden, ADC, AMP ect... We are also interested in Test Equipment (e.g. Fluke Networks) and other tools like such as new Jacks, Fiber Connectors, Patch Panels, other Low Voltage cable.

Submit your list of products and/or tools with your contact information to or complete the form below!

After reviewing the submission, we will contact you to discuss your expectations and to answer any questions we may have.

Within 48 hours of submission, we will provide you with a free evaluation of the market value of your excess equipment. We will provide you realistic options for the sale of your equipment. We have considered all of the below options in past transactions:

  • Cash Buyout

  • Consignment Options

  • Barter

We have the power to purchase any size inventory, we work on transactions ranging from $1,000 to $500,000. We purchase with cashier's check or bank wire in full within an hour of completing our agreement. We require no terms or credit approval to finalize a deal. We are here to help liquidate your inventory, no hard sell, we extend time for you to check with other offers with no obligation to IGT, the feedback and assessment of your inventory is at no cost to you.