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Audio visual systems are evolving rapidly as web-streaming technology matures and becomes integrated into more business applications. Integrating a new audio visual system into your company's IT infrastructure should be done with an eye to current AV needs as well as extensible upgrade options for the future.

Audio visual resources are in increasing demand in every industry, and Innova Global Technology is able to design and install A/V systems that meet the demands of your ever-changing business.

Benefits of a High Quality Audio Visual System

Effective communication is a key to succeeding in business today, and a high-quality audio visual system benefits your organization in several ways:

  • It allows better communication within the company, for presentations, announcements, training and sales.

  • It can help businesses cut travel costs with effective, easy-to-use video conferencing technology.

  • It allows for higher-quality training options, whether presentations are done live or recorded and streamed to employee workstations.

  • It provides a path for future upgrades so you don't miss out on newer technologies.

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Innova Global Technology is one of the leading AV integrator and solution providers . Our skilled professionals and project managers are trained and certified in the latest technology, products and design. Through our partnerships with key industry manufacturers and vendors, Innova Global Technology offers the most advanced and integrated audiovisual technologies. Our goal is making AV solutions easy to use and deliver results for our clients.

Innova Global Technology AV Services include:

  • Consultation & System Design

  • Programming & Coding

  • Installation & Implementation

  • Training

  • Support Services

  • Service repairs and Maintenance

Innova Global Technology AV Division:

  • AV Equipment

  • AV Systems

  • AV Services

  • Project Management

  • Project Portfolio

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Audio Visual Innova Global Technology

The goal for this Innova Global Technology is to identify, establish, and disseminate information about standards and practices for the digital reformatting of historical and cultural audio-visual materials by federal agencies. The effort will cover sound recordings, video recordings, motion picture film, and born-digital content. Topic areas include formatting, metadata, and methodology.

Innova Global Technology Goals:

• Define the categories of content to be digitized

• Define objectives and specification for the digital masters by category

• Determine performance measures for digitization and develop methods for validation

• Recommend methods for digitization

Expected Deliverables:

• General digitization guidelines for sound recordings

• Documentation of one or more target formats for the reformatting of video

• Recommended strategies for certain categories of born-digital video

• Development of a public web site to communicate the Innova Global Technology 's activities

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HUBBELL PREMISE WIRING A/V Solutions allow you to empower your enterprise with a seamless integrated A/V solution. Hubbell I- Station products address key issues such as application performance, A/V integration and unparalleled delivery options all in one full truly integrated solution that allows you to manage A/V, power, and data as one – Now that’s the way to lower your Total Cost of Ownership!

Hubbell I-Station Products include:

  • X-END ™ Plug-n-Play System supporting multiple a/v applications and connections.

  • HDMI 110 style connections delivering Hi Def 1080 P over UTP

  • Multi Media enclosures combining power, data, and a/v

  • Extensive delivery options for on wall, in wall, on furniture, in furniture, on floor, and in floor options

Hubbell A/V solutions are designed to meet the demands of today’s applications in multiple market opportunities like Commercial Interiors, Education Space, Healthcare Facilities, Hospitality, Digital Signage, Food Service, and Residential applications. With Hubbell Premise Wiring A/V products, your choices have never been greater!

Integrating these A/V Systems are crucial since businesses rely so heavily on the use of multimedia throughout the weekly grind. The ability to access, view and share video has increased substantially in recent years. Hubbell focuses mainly on the integration of connections from multimedia devices and applications into a user-friendly interface. Below is a guide to help you through the integration process to ensure you have a flexible, easy-to-connect, AV solution.

Nothing Tops Our Audio Visual Rental Inventory

Whether you are planning a trade show display, corporate gala or fundraiser, product launch, business or sales meeting, organizing a successful event depend heavily upon audio visual rental technology.

Innova Global Technology provides an AV equipment rental package that can supply sound, staging, lighting, AV recording, projectors, video walls, LCD displays and more! In addition to our extensive supply of both traditional and advanced av equipment, our inventory also includes complementary technology, such as laptops, kiosks, cell phone charging stations and digital signage that will create a superb effect and a seamless presentation. We are pleased to provide the following full range of audio visual rental options:

Traditional AV Equipment Rental

  • Speakers, mixers and microphones

  • Staging and lighting

  • Audio and video recording devices

  • LCD projectors and screens

Advanced AV Equipment Rental

  • Video walls to accompany or replace digital projectors

  • Large LCD displays

  • LED displays up to 80 inches

  • Interactive video technology

Complementary Technology

  • PC and Apple Laptops for running presentations

  • iPads, touch screen monitors and kiosks for attendee interaction

  • Digital signage with meeting information, updatable at a moment’s notice

  • Stand-alone charging stations for your attendees’ personal mobile devices with screens that display pertinent information

Innova Global Technology has the right combination of an experienced staff and superior audio visual rental equipment to execute your next event. We are the largest AV companies in the country with expertise delivering effective hi-tech solutions.

Request a quote or contact us today to learn more about our products, services and how we can help make your upcoming event nothing short of exceptional.

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Innova Global Technology environments have varying audio visual needs, from internal uses such as: board meetings, executive communications, video conferences,projector installations, conference room automation to external uses like: sales, marketing and digital signage targeting potential clients. At Centerpoint, we understand these requirements and can develop a custom audio visual solution to accommodate any business culture or architectural vision. Many image-based firms have started implementing automated audio visual solutions. Audio Visual Automation gives the user full control over not just the traditional projector and sound system, but also their lighting, climate and blinds at the click of a button.

Innova Global Technology conference room A/V automation is becoming the new 'it' technology in the Innova Global Technology environment. Each corporation environment is different and each have different audio visual needs. At Centerpoint Communications, we understand these needs and can help you achieve the perfect use of space, whether its a simply projector installation or incorporating digital signage to more complex situations like whole conference room automation.

Centerpoint interfaces with many different types of businesses ranging from schools to retail. We have the ability to develop a custom audio visual solution for your requirements and needs.

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Classrooms with blackboards are as archaic as manual typewriters.Corporate boardrooms with flip charts and whiteboards are equally outdated. The rapid advance of audiovisual technology came into cactus-sharp focus this past week at a two-day trade show at Talking Stick Resort on the Salt River Reservation. Scottsdale-based CCS Presentation Systems hosted its national sales summit that included top vendors of audiovisual equipment used in classrooms, boardrooms and at public events. CCS brought in 100 manufacturer representatives, 300 customers and 120 of its employees from around the country. The company, with 90 employees in Scottsdale and 210 others at offices in 13 states, reports annual revenue of $115 million.

  • Classroom touch screens

Smart Technologies showed off its 70-inch touch screen for classrooms that teachers can “draw” on by dragging their fingers across it. Company spokesman Paul Wright pulled up a three-dimensional image of a fish that can be rotated with a simple gesture. No more dissecting frogs.“It’s essentially a large tablet, touch-driven device,” Wright said. Students on tablet computers can link to the Smart classroom system to interact with the teacher and take quizzes, with instant grading and graphics to show the results, he said. Mary Beth Faller, an Arizona Republic education reporter, said teachers often leaned on their students to learn the Smart Screen system when it first hit local classrooms a few years ago. The Smart Screen is about $6,000, which includes the hardware and software, Wright said. The educational technology company also has a $5,000 Smart Table with similar touch-screen capabilities. The low-top table is ideal for students from preschool through third grade. Up to eight students can work together on collaborative lessons. “It’s spill-proof and built to be indestructible,” Wright said. And no chalkboards or erasers to clean. I guess I’m showing my age. In my day, audiovisual technology meant a film strip the teacher struggled to thread or a 16-millimeter film projector with a warbling sound track.

  • Really big screens

In the corporate world, Delta Products Corp. was demonstrating an 11-foot wide-screen with a dual projector that blends the images seamlessly. The $19,900 wide-screen is designed for corporate boardrooms and video teleconferences. “It’s an eye-catcher,” said Tod Gooch, Delta national sales manager. Paul Dumpel of Christie Digital explained some of the company’s technology. That includes interactive screens that allow football coaches to diagram plays with a finger swipe or a broadcaster to manipulate information on an on-screen map for election night. Christie also provides 3-D projectors for movie theaters. In 2008, the company’s projectors were used for one of the world’s longest video projection displays. Twenty-seven Christie projectors were used in Quebec City, Quebec, to project images on grain silos. That “screen” was nearly seven football fields long by 108 feet high. That makes your big-screen TV look like a postage stamp.