as one force

What is As-One-Force ?

As One Force is the largest “Independent, local expert, technology installers, and solution

providers" community in the world! Bringing expert installers together As-One-Force.

As One Force business model

AS ONE FORCE is based on expert technology installation sourcing. AS ONE FORCE aims for efficient delivery and deployment of technology projects. Our goal is to bring the highest quality and support at the best cost, to assist our clients and local, expert installers.

What is expert sourcing?

Expert sourcing is the act of performing a job directly through a best local, expert resource through an "open invitation".

Joining As One Force is free

As One Force golden rule is “in order for us to do well, we need to do good “Thus, As-One-Force is free to both clients and solution providers. “One can get anything if he is willing to help enough others get what they want.” Business success is found when people’s needs are met.

Power and advantages of As One Force

You have access to over 1000 local expert installers and their loaded trucks 24X7 without manage service contract or minimum hourly rate.

  1. Power of collective action and wisdom

  2. Power of Collective Intelligence

  3. Power of expert local IT service provider ( power of local expert sourcing )

As One force benefits

Local Installers

1. Generating new revenues & reducing operation costs.

2. Expanding your services and products, expansion is the remedy to a shrinking market.

3. Becoming part of the future and not passed by constant innovation.

4. A broader sales force, huge marketing potential and more field force with little to no cost.

5.National and local project bulletin board with daily updates.

6. Lead sharing and business social media portals

7. Manufacturer's dealership, equipment deployment, and maintenance opportunity

8. Access to As One Force community to scale up as one force for national and global projects.

9. North America local expert technology installer directory.( All 50 states and U.S. territories ) & worldwide local expert technology installer directory. (All major cities/countries worldwide)

10.List your inventory for sale or trade and be able to purchase material and hardware with lowest price nationwide through material pricing bulletin board.

11- We have listed more than 50 benefits which you be able to take advantage of them, and power we know you will be able to add to this list.

As One Force real power of information sharing & our collective wisdom. Read more

Nationwide and local customers

Customer project management team benefits

1. Access to local expert installers and their loaded truck 24X7 without manage service contract or minimum hourly rate.

2. Centralized single-tier process structure

3. Bypassing Project brokers, resellers, outsourcing companies and going to the expert installers directly. Access collective knowledge and service through AS ONE FORCE business, social media engine or community manager.

4. Access to As-One-Force engineers, RCDD and thought leaders to make the best decision or come up with best design and approach. Power of collective intelligence.

5. Reduce the chance of losing control of the outsourced process.

6. Reduce costs of transitioning to a new vendor.

7. Reduce legal and contractual costs.

8. Reduce chance losing control of the outsourced process.

9. Reduce cost of vendor training.

10. Reduce costs of monitoring vendors.

11. WEB 2.0 knowledge base and real time project documentation system & 24 X7 access.

13- Live and real-time project control , management and execution.

14. Access to project fixed pricing, project unit pricing or Structured Pricing Menu .

12. Reduce R/D, deployment and installation cost.

Customer's organization benefits

1.Reducing Cost, Increasing Quality, Accelerating Deployment and Greener installation.

2.Power of collective action:As One Force has over 6000+ local experts, technology installers to deploy technology nationally and globally.

Strength in numbers get the work done!

3.Power Wisdom of the expert crowd: Collective knowledge, wisdom and experience from over 6000 local expert, technology installers, solution providers and though leaders .

4.Power of cloud computing: More computing and web 2.0 power that Fortune 500 companies. Full disaster recovery and Integrated deployment technology that insures efficiency and cost effectiveness.

5.Power of being local and geographic presence: 24X7 X365 availability, with more reliability, accountability & knowledge of the terrain and without any cost.Be there when you need it

6. Local Support: 6000+ Qualified, Local expert, IT installers and solution providers are in your area to work for your organization directly. Virtually no up-front investments are required.

7.Go Green and win : With over 6000 local installers ready to work. You can become more “green”, less trip charges , less expense , less time spent on the road translates to less energy consumption .

8.Leveraging power of mobile phones: Our network of over 2000 local expert installer mobile numbers allows companies to receive rapid support when any questions or emergencies arise.

10. Leveraging power of mobile phones: Our network of over 2000 local expert installer mobile numbers allows companies to receive rapid support when any questions or emergencies arise.

11. Project bulletin broad : Post your RFP and receive quotes from AS ONE FORCE quickly. The bulletin board allows for rapid deployment of services and cost efficiency.

12.Power of Expert sourcing: Bypass outsourcing, sub-contracting and service resellers to save time, money and increase project speed.

13.Single point of contact : Centralized single-tier Process structure. As-One-Force serving as the coordinator or focal point of information concerning all project activities.

14.Access to fixed cost pricing, project unit pricing or Structured Pricing Menu. Reducing project management and accounting work load. Highest Quality with the Lowest Cost, delivers the Highest Value.

15.Project quality assurance: Web 2.0 Reputation and quality assurance Engine plus access to live and real-time project collaboration, management and execution system.