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Get FREE estimates for data cabling, telephone wiring, phone system, security systems and more.

Before you spend one dime on your network cabling, your first call should be to an Innova Global Technology consultant.

Why? Because chances are a consultation with Innova can save you time and money on any voice and data networking and infrastructure projects.

Find out how our knowledgeable engineers and technicians can help fulfill all of your network, phone systems, wireless, cabling and wiring solution needs. Call us for quick service at (877)-448-4968, or use our convenient Free Estimate form to receive your quote today!

We're always willing to assist and have answered all aspects of Voice, Data, Video and Audio cabling and system questions around wireless, voice, network, CAT6, and more! Feel free to submit any question and we'll do our best to assist you. 


We welcome the opportunity to provide an estimate for your project. Every single one of our projects include attention to detail, competitive pricing, fully licensed and warrantied work. We will manage the project completely and report to you on daily basis. Call us for quick service at (877)-448-4968.

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Innova is constantly working to improve its quality of service to our customers and we want to hear your feedback.
If we have serviced you in anyway over the past 20 years(Lan-Lab, Innova Global Technology, Hitec-med, and )   and you would be willing to share your comments and feedback with us on our quality of service, loyalty friendliness, repressiveness and reliability, please complete Google review and leave us your comments.

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Here's how it works ... Innova and its divisons have been in business for more than 20 years. Due to the economy within past 5 years, we have accumulated many "not-active clients " data lists. We need to update our clinet contact information and would like to improve the way we communicate with our clients. 

You may also know organization that may require our services.

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This offer is intended for individuals directly involved with infrastructure cabling and telecommunication installation decisions.