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Coverage Area

  • Local and Nationwide Services.
  • Single Point of Contact and Accountability.
  • Total Installation Solution, One Stop for all Installation and Deployment Projects. 
  • 24x7 Nationwide Support Services
  • Online, Real Time Project or Service Ordering, Tracking and Status Reporting.
  • Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Fiber, and Cat 7 Cabling Services
  • Backbone and CKT (analog, digital, T1, etc...) Extension, Cross-Connectand Testing. 
  • Copper Cabling (I.e coax, audio, video, surveillance)
  • Router, Switch and Hardware Rack, and Stack.
  • HUB room, MDF and Wiring Closet Design, and Installation.
  • HUB room, MDF, and Wiring Close Redesign or Clean Up.
  • Data Center Hardware Installation 
  • Data Center Clean Up and Rack/Stack.
  • Fiber Backbone Installation. 
  • Component and Software Loading and Integration.
  • Network Conversions and Upgrades.
  • Technology Upgrade, Conversion, and Remediation
  • Digital Signage Installation & Deployment
  • Large Screen TV and Projectors Cabling and Installation
  • Kiosks/ATMs Roll-out Installation Services
  • WAN/LAN/WLAN Installation
  • A/P Coverage Design and Installation
  • Intercom, Music & Paging Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras/CCTV
  • Staging, Configuration/Imaging & Asset Management. 
  • Specialty Cabling Solutions.
  • Security/Physical Access Control/Fire Alarm Systems Installation. 
  • Vendor Management - Single Point of Contact.
  • Nationwide Technology Rollout.
  • Moves, Adds, and Changes.
  • UPS Installation and Battery Replacement Support.
  • Site Survey, Assessment and Information Portal.
  • On Demand Work Force for Temporary Project Staffing.
  • Project and Deployment Web Design.