Your On Demand Work Force


For more than 30 years, innova has delivered vendor-neutral Infrastructure Support Services to our clients. We provide the support services you need, refining our capabilities and infrastructure to meet your most stringent requirements. Technology may change, but our focus on supporting your IT infrastructure remains the same. Perhaps that’s why we continue to be a market leader in delivering tailored technology inforastucture deployment  that meet the specific needs of our clients.


  1. As One Force ( National technology roll out project ) - Read more  
  2. On-demand local work force ( Local technology deployment and project ) 
On-demand local work force engine is an integarted  web-based system desigend  using Google business solution software and pplications . We Invest in our People, Not Paperwork.On-demand local work force (ODLWF) is the most cost-effective means of getting the best-qualified candidates for us and  small businesses . 

The complex and risky staffing process is simplified with this user-friendly, web-enabled apllications that completely automates the recruitment, assessment, referral, and notification processes.

On-demand local work force engine can be used and tuned to produce dependable qualified candidates for  any company in a variety of industries ( Full time or part time ) . The engine  put people to work—and in the process, enable clients to achieve greater business success.

Google Apps , Google market place products / applications and Google Apps Engine are (low cost , high quality and easy to use ) the  building blocks of on-demand local work force engine. 

On-demand local work force consultation and portal development :

Do you need ?

  1. Skilled work force on demand , when you need it at a right price?
  2. Robust workforce planning to ensure sufficient numbers of appropriately 
  3. skilled IT and info structure installation staff in the right areas
  4. A flexible workforce that can respond to the needs of local demand rapidly

Do you have questions about how you can grow your business with On demand work force applications tailor made to your business and strategies? 

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