Business Solution Development

Business Solution Development

Using Google innovative business applications and tools, Innova developed business solution. We deploy and test these solution and market the one that generates revenue or reduces cost.
  • Ideation Engine
  • Contest Engine
  • Contest Engine+Crowd sourcing Engine
  • On demand workforce Engine ( Automated outsourcing engine )
  • Lead generation Engine
  • Brand monitoring Engine
  • Competition monitoring Engine
  • Project management and control engine
  • Technology roll out Engine
  • Inventory management Engine
  • SMS Engine
  • Infrastructure technology business Engine
  • Crowd and expert sourcing Engine

 We have used the above engines to develop and deploy Innova Global business cloud , internet strategies , its departments and divisions 

Existing Business Structure 

Existing Business Structure Plus Google ( early adoption )

New business Structure with built in Google Strategies

Business Structure focused on adding to revenue and cutting cost 
with constant innovation 

Using exiting valuable human resources to solve business problem 
rather than performing day to day operational task, maintenance and repair.   

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  1. Local and nationwide services
  2. Single Point of contact and accountability
  3. Total installation solution , One stop for all installation and deployment projects 
  4. 24X7  nationwide support services
  5. On line, real time project or service  ordering , tracking and status reporting 
  6. Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Fiber, Cat 7 Cabling
  7. Backbone and CKT ( analog , digital , T1 ..etc. ) extension , cross connect and testing 
  8. Copper Cabling  ( I.e coax, audio , video , surveillance)
  9. Router , switch and hardware Rack and stack
  10. HUB room, MDF and wiring closet  design and installation
  11. HUB room, MDF and wiring close redesign or clean up
  12. Data center hardware installation 
  13. Data center clean up and rack / stack
  14. Fiber backbone installation 
  15. Component and software loading and integration
  16. Network conversions and upgrades
  17. Technology upgrade, Conversion and remediation  
  18. Digital Signage Installation & deployment
  19. Large screen TV and projectors cabling and installation
  20. Kiosks / ATMs Roll-out Installation Services
  21. WAN / LAN / WLAN installation
  22. A/P  coverage design and installation
  23. Intercom, Music & Paging Systems
  24. Surveillance Cameras / CCTV
  25. Staging, configuration / imaging & Asset Management       
  26. Specialty Cabling Solutions
  27. Security / Physical Access Control / Fire Alarm Systems Installation           
  28. Vendor Management - Single Point of Contact
  29. Nationwide Technology Rollout
  30. Moves, Adds and Changes
  31. UPS installation and Battery replacement support
  32. Site survey, assessment and information portal
  33. On demand work force for temporary project staffing
  34. Project and deployment web design 

“It takes time to get cloud sourcing right. 
Experience matters
We have been fine-tuning our cloud strategy in the US since 2007 making us a compelling choice for businesses and enterprise customers.”