Office IT relocation and data center move

Office IT  relocation and data center move

Relocating an office is a major task.  A successful relocation project requires the completion of a sequence of tasks and deliverables on a tight schedule.  

The main question is , when were the last time you relocate or move an office and its operation ? 

This is especially relevant when relocating  technology ( Video , audio, monitoring , security systems )  and IT systems where the smallest detail in the project plan, when overlooked, can lead to project delay and costly downtime.  More often , such mundane move-related tasks overwhelm seasoned IT departments, leading to service disruptions before, during, and after a move. Learning from errors and mistakes  middle of a move is not the best way to manage a move .Management should not pay for an expensive education and learn how to do right  it next time.

Innova Global  Technology Relocation Service helps corporate clients relocate technology systems and equipment with minimal downtime and disruption.  Our goal is simple: to make your first day in your new office business as usual.

Total solution provider  / One-Stop Shop

With Innova Global technology relocation team , clients have a single source , trusted partner to relocate technology systems end to end.  We provide all the necessary guide lines , planning and management expertise as well as the skilled hands-on technical personnel to support the project.

It important to realize , your operation and daily business tasks and responsibilities will be there before , during and after your relocation .

All of our project managers and technical staff are specially qualified and trained to be your temporary resources during the relocation and move .

Expert Project Management and installation team

You can pick and choose from innova’s technology relocation technical and management staff
An effective technology relocation and move is the product of savvy planning and effective leadership.  Innova assign an experienced Technology Project Manager to advise you during the early stages of  your  relocation project, to help you finalize your  move plans, provide hands-on supervision of the relocation process, and guarantee pre an post-move success.

We have put together a coalition of local and national professionals with several hundred years of collective facility project experience that you can choose from to help you save time, money and manage a headache-free office relocation or upgrades.In addition - and at no cost you - we deploy google business solutions and Google cloud base collaborative tools which are designed to facilitate office relocation project management. Such efforts have reduced project cost by 20% or more to our past customers.

Process and experience Driven Solutions

Innova Global technology relocation team  starts with a tried and true process for relocating technology and IT systems.  Based on our yeas extensive an work with many clients we have created a standard set of core procedures (PMP guide line )  that are applicable to different projects of different scopes.
These core procedures and processes allow us to document innovatory before and after move  , meet deadlines, be prepared for contingencies, and maintain consistent service from one relocation project to the next. This means a Innova Global technology relocation team -assisted move for a 3,000-person corporate headquarter can be executed with the same efficiency and racy as  a 50 person.

Innova Services

Innova Global technology relocation team  supports technology relocation projects of all sizes, from large corporate moves to restacks.  In addition to end user workstations we help relocate dedicated IT facilities like data centers, network cabinets, and distribution frames.  Supported devices include PCs, laptops, printers, phones, servers, storage, arrays, network devices, legacy systems, PA system, AP WIFI  systems , video monitoring , security systems and peripherals.

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List of Innova Relocation services:  

Office technology , IT  move and relocation
Corporate technology , IT move and relocation
Data center move and relocation
Moves , adds and changes
Corporate and office technology , IT expansion

Planning Services:
Facility Optimizations
Lease vs. Build
Site Selection
Data Center Design
Transition Strategy
Master Task Planning
Logistics Calendar
Risk Management Plan
Floor Plan Design
Document Master Plan
Change Control Process

Pre-Move Services:
Infrastructure Review
Application Assessment
Transition Plan Review
Validation of Test Plans
Move Documentation
Rack Elevations
Port Assignments
Site Preparation
Pre-move Remediation
Inventory Verification
Network Setup Option

New site installation:
Stations cabling
Video, Audio , PA and wireless cabling
Copper and fiber backbone cabling
Video, Audio , PA and wireless equipment and systems installation
Security installation

Move Event(s):
Verify Resources
Tag Inventory
Coordinate 3rd Parties
Walkthrough / Dry Run
Validate Operation
De-install & Pack
Load & Transport
Unload & Install
Return to Service
Post Move Support