App-Based, VOIP Video Doorbell / Intercom – Mobile Compatible, Wi-Fi or Ethernet Ready

NEW! Entraguard ONE & ONE+Smaller enterprises and homes can have affordable electronic door control with convenient features at an affordable cost

The Entraguard ONE and Entraguard ONE + are rugged single-door (telephone entry) video doorbell / intercom units, designed to secure the entrance to a residential or small commercial enterprise.

The ONE units provide video monitoring of a door or gate as well as 2-way audio communication and remote door control from up to four internet-connected smart devices. The cast-aluminum enclosure provides a robust housing that is far superior to other video doorbell units on the market.

Features: NEW! Entraguard ONE & ONE+

  • Ruggedized video doorbell units
  • Easy to install
  • Remotely open door from anywhere there is an internet connection 
    – The Entraguard ONE+ unit features an additional keypad which can be used for user access, via PIN
  • Monitor your front door anytime via video
  • Adjustable Door Unlock time
  • 2-way audio and live video stream viewable on device
  • Robust, cast-aluminum enclosure
  • Supports up to 4 devices
  • Wireless chime available
  • LED lighting activates when in use
  • Minimal internet speed requirement – only 300kb/s
  • No monthly maintenance charges or App fees

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