Access Control Systems

Access Control - The Beauty Of A Key-less World

    Electronic access control is based primarily on three W's – WHO, WHERE, and WHEN. Bearing this in mind, an electronic access control system regulates who may access specific doors or other types of entry points, such as parking gates, or elevators at specified times. 

The SimonsVoss 3060 digital locking and access control system is the electronic equivalent of a mechanical lock system with classic access control functions. The whole system can be programmed using either a programming transponder (without a computer), a programming unit and software, or via a network.   

IRIS Biometrics - Iris ID has been the leader and key developer and driver of the commercialization of iris recognition technology for the past 15 years. Iris Access continues to lead the market as the world’s most advanced and most widely deployed iris recognition platform.    >>Find out more on IRIS Biometrics<<<