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Success is equal to Your business plus Google apps to the power of entrepreneurship

The adoption of  Google cloud Services is growing exponentially within IT organizations, and is an increasingly preferred alternative to internal management of network, telephony, mobility,  archiving and security services. 

With budgets shrinking universally, many IT departments simply cannot keep up with the maintenance, threats, and risks facing their organizations today and are seeking new, innovative and less costly ways to keep up with technology, grow their business, and expand the effectiveness of IT regardless of where those resources reside. 

With limited resources or expertise, engaging a trusted partner to offload routine management is a logical step. Businesses that successfully outsource these functions to a service provider understand that it is not about replacing staff, but rather about empowering IT to be more strategic, flexible, and to deploy new applications quickly and easily. 

By adopting Google Apps and Google business solutions,  Your company get much much  more . You get new network strategy , Mobile strategy , cloud strategy, Marketing strategy, phone strategy , marketing strategy and sales strategy  which will upgrade our current business structure and strategies thus  fueling our operations and create new revenues.

You know When it comes to I T infrastructure , resources and its day to day maintenance and support, Why would you want to spend your  time, bandwidth and very talented, highly paid I T resources fighting something that’s not a core  competency of our company rather than focusing them on the tasks that generates new revenue?

Talented IT resources can be focused on development of the above strategies using Google Apps and Google business solutions and be strong a revenue generator rather than overhead expense.

Most all CIO and CTO know more than  75% to 80 % of  their total IT budget just on maintaining and running existing systems and software infrastructure. With today's technology and economy , this is simply unacceptable.

There are more than 4 million business on Google Apps and the forecast is by 2020 more than 81 million business taking advantage of Google Apps . You can go to YouTube and watch videos . Just search for Google apps and companies like Motorola,  Virgin America,  N G , Land Rover Genentech, City of LA and General Motors.

Watch the following video if you have any doubt about cloud and Google technology security and reliability.

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Google apps

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