ESI Phone systems

IP solutions — powered by the Internet Protocol  (IP) technology that lets telephone calls and other  communications traffic travel across broadband lines 
can help your organization save money while improving  your efficiency. ESI IP solutions combine the reliability of traditional phone systems with the fl exibility of network connections. 

This improves your business communications delivering enhanced customer satisfaction, increased  productivity, and an improved bottom line.
ESI was among the fi rst in our industry to create purely  IP-based phone systems, as well as to add IP capability to traditional digital systems.
Take just a few moments to learn what ESI IP solutions can do for you. Then, for more details, consult your  Certified ESI Reseller or visit

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What IP solutions can do for you.
Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology converts traditional 
telephone voice communications into data to be 
carried over LANs, WANs, and the Internet. An IP 
communications system uses your interoffi ce data 
pipeline as the communications path carrying both voice 
and data throughout your offi ces and over your WAN 
or the Internet to your remote workers. With remote IP 
phones, your offi ce extensions can “extend” to virtually 
any off-site location with broadband access.
IP solutions enable numerous capabilities that can 
reduce costs for organizations.
•  Easier installation — An IP communications system 
and its phones work over your offi ce data network. 
Each IP phone or system simply plugs into a network jack 
and connects like just another device on that network.
•  Multi-site communications — Originally, offi ces and 
warehouses that didn’t share the same phone system 
could use only expensive telephone tie lines or T1 lines 
to connect to each other. IP communications lets you link 
multiple sites over your WAN or the Internet. So, now, it 
doesn’t matter whether you’re across the street, across 
town, or across the country. Your employees are connected 
and more productive, and you save on long-distance.
•  Remote IP solutions — Save time and money 
supporting remote employees, by providing each of them 
a full-featured offi ce extension almost anywhere. 
Business communications employing remote IP 
technology are perfect for off-site employees (including 
“road warriors”), temporary fi eld offi ces, departmental 
teleworkers, or executives working from home.
It’s clear that you can benefi t from IP solutions. So read on 
to see everything that ESI IP solutions have to offer.