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Audio visual contractors Anaheim

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Audio visual contractors Anaheim

HUBBELL PREMISE WIRING A/V  Solutions allow you to empower your enterprise with a seamless integrated A/V solution. Hubbell I- Station products address key issues such as application performance, A/V integration and unparalleled delivery options all in one full truly integrated solution that allows you to manage A/V, power, and data as one – Now that’s the way to lower your Total Cost of Ownership!

Hubbell I-Station Products include:

  • X-END ™  Plug-n-Play System supporting multiple a/v applications and connections.
  • HDMI 110 style connections delivering Hi Def 1080 P over UTP
  • Multi Media enclosures combining power, data, and a/v
  • Extensive delivery options for on wall, in wall, on furniture, in furniture, on floor, and in floor options

Hubbell A/V products

Hubbell A/V solutions are designed to meet the demands of today’s applications in multiple market opportunities like Commercial Interiors, Education Space, Healthcare Facilities, Hospitality, Digital Signage, Food Service, and Residential applications. With Hubbell Premise Wiring A/V products, your choices have never been greater!

Integrating these A/V Systems are crucial since businesses rely so heavily on the use of multimedia throughout the weekly grind. The ability to access, view and share video has increased substantially in recent years. Hubbell focuses mainly on the integration of connections from multimedia devices and applications into a user-friendly interface. Below is a guide to help you through the integration process to ensure you have a flexible, easy-to-connect, AV solution.