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Why , what and how ?  

Why As-One-Force is collecting information?

 As-One-Force is an intelligence-aggregating engine based on mind and information sharing and leveraing on wisdom of the expert local solution providers and its Thought Leaders nationally and globally. Naturally we are interested in harvesting distributed Intellect.

Our open innovation network of expert local technology installers and providers is the largest in the world and offers unparalleled access to knowledge and intelligence capabilities. 

We not only share information among the peers but also invite experts and Thought Leaders to empower us with their knowledge and wisdom.

Thought Leaders and experts could be from any facets of business from professional service, marketing, sales, manufacturing to distribution and even clients and business partners.  

What is a Though Leader?

A Thought Leader is the business phrase for an individual that is recognized for having innovative business ideas that merited attention. 

An information technology installation and solution provider the Thought Leader is a person who is outstanding in a field of business, consulting and technology with at least 10 years experience.

Why do you want to be a Thought Leader? What are the benefits?

"Thought Leadership" is something that can truly define you and your company's presence in the marketplace. Solidifying a reputation as the go-to expert for the industry's issues, both new and old, and will not only give confidence to your current customer base, but also intrigue potential new clients.

In a nutshell, a Thought Leader is a person who is recognized as having innovative ideas in his/her particular field and demonstrates the confidence to promote or share those ideas as actionable distilled insights. This is sales and marketing strategy for product and service positioning.  

What subjects must a Thought Leader provide? 

#1- Communicate with us on how to improve and grow As-One-Force nationally and globally.

#2- Guidance, opinion, news, research, trends, or business advice that will appeal to a general career-minded readership. Make points readers can act on or takeaway - whether it’s something they can bring back to their companies or use for their own good. This is a place for true discourse, trends, news and best practices.  

What should a contributor deliver? 

An original 500 -word (give or take) original essay.

Complete attached form and upload your document.  

Is Publication guaranteed?

No. The content will appear at the  As-One-Force  website under “ Though Leader  web page “ which is sent to As-One-Force member on monthly bases and may appear, in our e-newsletter or other publications and titles.  

Will I get Paid?

There is no compensation for submissions. The entry may be edited for length or at the editor’s discretion.  The content will become the property of As-One-Force community under the copyright of our websites.  

Would you like to be a Thought Leader?