Partner Benefits

An INNOVA Partnership Agreement Provides:

» An opportunity for steady employment and manpower leveling.
» An opportunity for moving your organization into different market segments.
» An opportunity to stay abreast of new technological trends in installation of communications and networks.
» The support necessary for you to be successful at something new without the cost of training.
» An opportunity for both organizations to benefit from "economies of scale," for bi-directional communications on future projects; you identify a potential project or we identify a potential project.

An INNOVA Partnership Agreement is not:

» A credo for how you should run your organization.
» Based on your business outlook.
» A means of limiting your ability to attract other project.
» A tool for mergers or acquisitions.

If your organization is interested in moving forward into new and challenging technologies and would like to share, the uncertainty associated from, this opportunity with an industry leader, an INNOVA partnership is your key to success with minimal exposure. Contact Us