Time entry- mandatory program
To insure we have receive an accurate time-sheet and for your convenience, we have designed this time-sheet form. Please complete the form accurately to the best of your ability. If you accidentally submit the wrong information and you believe there was a mistake made in the form, simply resubmit the form again. When resubmitting, under the Revised drop down option select YES. This will inform us to disregard your previous  entry.

See the  best picture contest at the bottom of this form to see how you can earn  additional revenue .

3a-Contest program - take your best shot ( best picture  / Video contest )

Innova is always looking for great installation photos to use in our quality assurance  program and add to our marketing efforts, websites to make sure any go back request is a service request .

As you are assigned to a project , you received a project folder
containing project information, tasks, and deliverable.  You also receive a service order form and instruction to take Photos before and after installation .

Innova requires pictures (or video)  before and after you complete your project. These pictures (videos)  can be taken by your cell phone or a camera. You may upload them to this form or email or hand deliver them  to Innova.

We review each picture or video and based on quality and its detail they are entered into a monthly contest , the winner will receive a cash bonus   or a  Gift card.

Credit card - Click image to download.

Innova bonus and commission programs
As you know Innova has Gone Google and has access to Google Multi- billion dollar technology, naturally when there is access to the best technology possible, anything is possible specialty for the burgeoning  employee like you .

This is one of the many reasons why Innova continues to develop programs  that empower employees to create additional revenue and income, focus on on their true passion and grow thier career with Innova Global.

Employee success is always Innova's success. The following programs are designed to provide you with tools you need to communicate your ideas and launch new collaborations.

1- Bonus for project leads- Cash for your leads.
2- Ideation program ( your idea to improve exiting process or solution which management is not aware )- Cash for your idea.
3- Contest program ( your idea to improve exiting process  which management is aware of it and seeking for solution ) - Cash or Gift  for your idea and participation.

1- Bonus for project leads

As you are attending projects, speaking with customers, office managers, offices next door, seeing a building under construction, reading news or even talking with friends, you may see or learn of an opportunity for an upcoming project opportunity and be in-titled to an incentive.  

Innova provides bonus for your project leads . (From  $50.00 to $10,000.00) .You can register your leads with Innova by completing this form below:

The Lead Bonus Program may allow you to earn bonuses and commissions based on the project size ( $50.00 to $10,000.00 )  .

Please fully fill out the form to the best of your ability. An account manager will follow up on your lead and then review all lead information with you. If your lead results in a project, you will be contacted by the account manager via a phone call and and email  with amount of bonus you will receive . Again this bonuses and commissions will be  based on the project size. 

Conflict of Interest

Referrals at existing clients are welcome but must be handled carefully so as not to create a conflict of interest. Many of our clients rightfully have published polices prohibiting technicians and consultants from pursuing business opportunities while at the client site or “on the clock”. Recognition for sales leads at existing clients will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the sales VP’s. Additionally for some clients, you may not act on the company’s behalf beyond facilitating an introduction.

Poor leads

If we find that you are registering poor leads you can be disqualified without notice and or warning.  One example of a poor lead, but not limited to, You know a possible client and register them just in case 

they buy down the road. We  reserve the right to define “poor lead” as we see fit. You also can not randomly register company names .

2- Ideation program ( your idea to improve exiting process or solution which management is not aware )- Cash for your idea.

Innova Ideat for many reasons. Some are to shake employees and  management out of their routines and infuse excitement into the company atmosphere. Others are to tap employee practical ideas for running the business or launching new business campaigns. 

If you have practical ideas that you believe can improve Innova existing sales, marketing and  operation processes  or  you have an idea that can simply add too bottom line, Please share it with us by completing the following short form:

Rafael Hernandez,
Oct 17, 2013, 2:19 PM
Rafael Hernandez,
Oct 17, 2013, 2:19 PM