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Software for the Effective use of Intelligent System Components


    Intelligent components form the core of the digital lock and access control system. The software is the unifying element that enables all tasks to be implemented quickly and conveniently. Issue transponders to new members of staff, program the digital locks with current authorizations and view access events over the network.

    Locking system management software – database driven, multi-user, client/server architecture – the modular software for access management and building automation.

    The more complex the requirements, the more elaborate the software needs to be. To deal with standard tasks, all you need is one simple piece of software. A large group of companies with offices all over the world needs a package that offers high performance.

With the System 3060 you can choose the right software from a range of different solutions. Individual versions are all compatible, enabling future requirements to be met.

For Systems Large and Small:

    Small systems can be configured quickly and cost-effectively without the need for a PC or special software by using the Programming Transponder 3067.

    In small to medium-sized systems where changes are frequent or audit logs are important, the LDB software becomes an important part of the system. In larger access control systems covering several sites, using LSM along with a WaveNet radio network cuts administrative costs and provides more administrative options.

    You can upgrade from software that provides a basic lock plan to software that provides broader administration capabilities with the Locking System Management software, a multiuser, client/server application with expanded reporting capability.

LDB - Lock Data Base - Software

Lock Data Base Software - (PRO.SW)

    Program digital locks, authorize transponders, add a new door to the lock plan, block a lost transponder. In small to medium-sized lock systems you can handle everyday tasks effectively with the LockDataBase (LDB) software.

    With the integrated event manager you can evaluate and handle fault messages. For example, you can send an e-mail to the building manager if the main door is unlocked after 6 pm.

Lock Data Base Software Wavenet - (PRO.SW.WN)
    If you need to respond even more quickly or program field devices from the comfort of your workstation, simply add a WaveNet network.

    The LDB software with WaveNet support is equipped with the same functions as LDB. But it can also be used to set up a WaveNet network. WaveNet provides the convenience of programming, monitoring, and controlling the field devices form a central location. The wireless aspects of the network are perfect for existing buildings where it would be very expensive and time-consuming to lay cables.

Smart LSM User System Interface - (PRO.SW.Smart)

    Avoid the inconvenience of programming installed field devices with a laptop. SmartLSM is a software tool designed to be installed on a PDA. Together with the small SmartCD, it makes light work of programming field devices and viewing access lists. The devices are small enough to fit into any jacket pocket. Just take them along with you whenever you do your rounds.

LDB - Lock Data Base - Software


  • LDB Lock Data Base software for programming system components, standalone version
  • If the SmartCD is being used with a laptop or desktop, then the PRO.SW lock plan software must be used
  • If the Smart LSM PDA software is being used the LDB software is also required.


  • The LDB locking plan software runs on Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4, Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1; Windows Vista (in preparation)
  • Free hard disc space required to install software: min. 50 MB
  • Plus min. 128 MB main memory
  • Disk space required for each lock plan: approx. 5 MB
  • Display: 17’’ color monitor with min. color depth of 16 bits and resolution of 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 pixels
  • The lock plan software PRO.SW.SMART runs from Windows Mobile 5.0

Locking System Management Software

Locking System Management - (LSM.Basic)

    Locking System Management (LSM) is a modular piece of software for access management and building automation. It maps building structures and hierarchies, facilitating the issuing of authorizations in large organizations. Authorizations can be passed on from lower to higher levels.

    The numerous search and filter functions allow the lock system to be divided up in different ways. You can produce reports and statistics. Changes and administrative processes are logged to make the system audit-compliant. LSM.BASIC is a single-user solution; it is not multi-user- and multi-client-enabled or network-enabled.

Locking System Management - (LSM.SW.Start)

    LSM.SW.START is the package of choice for large access systems administered by several employees. The software needs to regulate simultaneous access to lock system data.

    A separate user profile can be created for each member of staff. Each person can be issued the necessary authorizations for their particular responsibilities. If there are several companies occupying the same building, user authorizations are limited to the appropriate sections of the system. If you have staff members dispersed across multiple sites, you still use the same data. LSM.SW.START can also be operated as a WaveNet network. The system is modular, allowing it to be extended to any number of workstations.

Service and Support - (LSM. Hotline)

    Modern software solutions offer a whole range of functions that make everyday life simpler. But even with intensive training and day-to-day experience of using the software, issues can still crop up. Our software service agreement, which is part of the LSM software offering, guarantees you a fast solution. You will also receive every LSM software update automatically, so your system is always current.

Basic Structure

  • The database engine: LSM is based on a well-established database server which is easy to install and produces no additional administrative work. It guarantees data security and the stability and performance of the program.
  • Communications nodes provide the link between the computer system and the field devices. They handle tasks and events.
  • The user application with its graphical user interface (GUI) is installed on all client PCs. The GUI allows you to view and edit the structures of the locking plan in different views, compressed or in detail.

Ports - The LSM provides the following interfaces

  • ODBC interface to the database
  • Interfaces to the PDA database and EventAgent
  • Messaging interface for transmission of e-mails
  • ASCII interface

System Requirements

  • Operating system on server/workstation: Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4, Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista (in preparation)
  • Network environment: LAN (recommended: 100 Mbit), Windows NT domain structure
  • Network protocol: TCP/IP
  • Minimum requirement for ADS database server: 2 GB RAM, 2.66 GHz processor, RS232 port
  • Minimum recommended hardware for workstation: 19" monitor, 1 GB RAM, 1.8 GHz processor, RS232 port
  • The amount of hard disc space required always depends on the amount of data you want to process.

Product Versions

  • Start-up packages for 1 - 24 workstations, ODBC interface including locking system management license for one database server, one CommNode server and 1 - 24 user interfaces (GUI) depending on package. 1 GUI includes 1 CommNode, 1 OLEDB driver and 1 Crystal Reports reporting tool.
  • The basic package includes 1-day installation and software training.
  • Start-up packages are only offered in conjunction with project planning, installation, on-site training and the SimonsVoss Software service agreement. Alternatively, training can be provided in Franklin.
  • Software upgrades can only be ordered in conjunction with a starter pack. Any combination is possible (1/4/9/14/24/49/99/249).