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iCAM7100 series = Time & Attendance Terminal


The IrisServer PC (iData EAC) controls enrollment and the distribution of 512 byte (two eyes 1K bytes) iris templates to the iCAM units. A Wiegand output or relay can control the operation of the door. A multi color targeting aid is part of an intuitive and interactive interface that includes voice and visual feedback for optimum user experience. iCAM7000 will automatically adjust the recognition mirror the users height when a card is presented to the iCAM. Single, Dual or Tri-Factor authentication is available.

The User Interface:

  • iCAM activates when user approaches or when card is presented.
  • Picture capture range is 12~14 inches (31~35cm) away.
  • Self or auto/set height adjustment.
  • Placing dot over the bridge of nose, easily helps alignment.
  • Orange turns to green when user is at correct distance.
  • Visual indication is amplified with friendly audio prompts.
  • Right and left irides are acquired.
  • A face picture can also be captured.