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Motorola’s Passive Optical LAN

The rapid growth of bandwidth requirements and the changing role of enterprise networking are causing disruptive change in the enterprise Local Area Network (LAN). Incumbent vendors are recommending upgrading Ethernet switches to 10 Giga-bit Ethernet (GbE) uplinks which typically require single-mode rather than multimode fiber optic cable and replacement of lateral CAT 5 cable with CAT 6 cable. Enterprises facing such disruptive change to either an existing enterprise site or a new enterprise site have the opportunity to dramatically reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by moving to a Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution, rather than continuing with the Present Mode of Operations (PMO) which uses a two- or three-tier switched Ethernet solution.



Motorola’s Passive Optical LAN solution provides a simple, reliable, secure and low-cost means to interconnect stationary Ethernet-based systems, such as end-user devices, access points and wireless controllers, application servers and printers.

This five-nines-reliable system provides a gigabit distribution network that either augments or replaces legacy Ethernet or copper network infrastructure for hundreds to thousands of endpoints. The solution is easy to design, implement and operates at a fraction of the cost of legacy Ethernet copper networks.

Motorola’s Passive Optical LAN solutions deliver rapid ROI and revolutionize how complex, inefficient, and costly enterprise networks can be deployed. Highly secure, the Passive Optical LAN simplifies the enterprise network while greatly reducing associated capital and operational expenses that drain precious resource from today’s IT environments.

Passive Optical LAN is uniquely positioned to enhance Motorola’s Wireless Enterprise, a mobile network solution comprised of wireless LAN (WLAN), broadband and Voice Over WLAN (VoWLAN) products. By networking traffic between APs, controllers and business systems, customers will gain improved mobility and throughput in addition to unmatched reliability, gap-free security with the best ROI and lowest TCO.

Motorola, a veteran in the design and deployment of both carrier and enterprise networking technologies, now offers all the tools necessary to deploy a superior Passive Optical LAN in the enterprise. Motorola’s Passive Optical LAN elements include:

The Motorola Enterprise Aggregation Switch

The Motorola Enterprise Aggregation Switch: Enabling the delivery of secure IP voice, video, and data services over a single fiber to any stationary Ethernet device or system in the enterprise. The Motorola EAS is an aggregation switch that supports up to 7168 Gigabit Ethernet ports per chassis, via 56 passive optical LANs, which each support up to 64 Ethernet end points. The EAS employs a high level of security with both 128-bit AES encryption and 802.1x authentication for access controls.

The Motorola AXSvision Advanced Element Management System

The Motorola AXSvision Advanced Element Management System: AXSvision is a graphically rich element management application designed to support of all elements of the POL environment. Robust and reliable, AXSvision software is designed for scalability and supports a broad range of deployment options, offering enterprises the ability to support simplification of their network’s operation by reducing the complexity of system monitoring and management.

The Motorola Passive Optical LAN Workgroup Terminal

The Motorola Passive Optical LAN Workgroup Terminal: The Motorola WGT connects stationary Ethernet devices and systems to the POL, providing line-rate gigabit services at distances of up to 16 miles (about 20km) from the data center. Each WGT provides four 10/100/1000bT Ethernet ports and can be remotely monitored, addressed and upgraded via AXSvision.

The Fiber Distribution Hub

The Fiber Distribution Hub: 

A passive element that does not require any power (or electronics), 

the hub houses the optical splitters, essentially taking the place of workgroup switches.

The Fiber Distribution Terminal

The Fiber Distribution Terminal: Another passive element that requires no power, the Fiber Distribution Terminal distributes the single POL connection from the FDH to area WGTs.

Solution and support 

Green Infrastructure wiring with Motorola Passive Optical LAN (150 drops & more)

Innova Green Technology will cut your building infrastructure cabling, network hardware deployment and  maintenance costs by over  40% percent and more. We are so sure we can save you 40% or more, we guarantee it and If you do not save we will pay you the difference . Contact us for Innova Green infrastructure Technology and receive a free proposal. 

Authorized Motorola solution partner  

Innova Global Technology is a Motorola Solution Provider and partner focused on bringing cost saving  green technology through  Motorola’s Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution to the marketplace. 

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Innova global technology experienced Integration Services Team offers you a single source for skilled planning, design, integration and implementation of all the components included in a turnkey solution. From large interprise building , campuse wide technology designs to the smallest data closet cleanup, our highly experienced engineers have seen it all and can guide building owner or It managers  through the most detailed implementations, giving you complete peace of mind.

At Innova Global, our consulting professionals focus on finding and researching  the combinations of technology and services that match our clients' needs and maximize savings, maintaining a vendor-neutral perspective. If you are considering changes to your building or campus infostructure connectivity and technology systems, investing in new services or products but reducing OpEx and CapEx around 40% and more , or if you are wishing to maximize the functionality of what you already have in place, Innova  can help you make the optimal decisions and plans.

Our experienced consultant  with hands on experience are available to conduct free and on site infrastructure site surveys to accurately assess the layout and conditions impacting the environment. Critical data gathered in the site survey will be incorporated into the final floor plan and infrastructure design plan and a complete Total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis that quantifies the advantages of POL over the tiered switched Ethernet and present mode of operation (PMO). We are proud to offer our free site surveys anywhere in the USA, depending on the size and scope of the project.

We offer free site survey , need assessment and consultation. 


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As One Force business model

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Expert sourcing is the act of performing a job directly though a best local, expert resource through an "open invitation".

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As One Force Coverage 

Innova Deploy technology through As one force

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Local Installers

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As One Force benefit and features to local IT installers and Service providers 

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Nationwide and local customers

Customer project management team benefits 

1. Access to local expert installers and their loaded truck 24X7 without manage service contract or minimum hourly rate.
2.  Centralized single-tier process structure
3. Bypassing project brokers, resellers, outsourcing companies and going to the expert installers directly.  Access collective knowledge and service through AS ONE FORCE business, social media engine or community manager.
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8.Leveraging power of mobile phones: Our network of over 2000 local expert installer mobile numbers allows companies to receive rapid support when any questions or emergencies arise.
10. Leveraging power of mobile phones: Our network of over 2000 local expert installer mobile numbers allows companies to receive rapid support when any questions or emergencies arise.
11. Project bulletin broad : Post your RFP and receive quotes from AS ONE FORCE quickly. The bulletin board allows for rapid deployment of services and cost efficiency.
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15.Project quality assurance: Web 2.0 Reputation and quality assuarnce Engine plus access to live and real-time project collaboration, management and execution system.

As One Force benefit and features to clients and business partners  

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Abilene , Texas ;Akron , Ohio ;Alameda , California ;Albany , New York ;Albany , Georgia ;Albany , Oregon ;Albuquerque , New Mexico ;Alexandria , Virginia ;Alexandria , Louisiana ;Alhambra , California ;Aliso Viejo , California ;Allen , Texas ;Allentown , Pennsylvania ;Aloha , Oregon ;Alpharetta , Georgia ;Altadena , California ;Altoona , Pennsylvania ;Amarillo , Texas ;Ames , Iowa ;Anaheim , California ;Anchorage , Alaska ;Anderson , Indiana ;Ankeny , Iowa ;Annandale , Virginia ;Ann Arbor , Michigan ;Antioch , California ;Appleton , Wisconsin ;Apple Valley , California ;Apple Valley , Minnesota ;Arcadia , California ;Arden-Arcade , California ;Arlington , Texas ;Arlington , Virginia ;Arlington , Massachusetts ;Arlington Heights , Illinois ;Arvada , Colorado ;Asheville , North Carolina ;Aspen Hill , Maryland ;Athens-Clarke , Georgia ;Atlanta , Georgia ;Attleboro , Massachusetts ;Auburn , Alabama ;Auburn , Washington ;Augusta-Richmond , Georgia ;Aurora , Colorado ;Aurora , Illinois 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Island , Nebraska ;Grand Junction , Colorado ;Grand Prairie , Texas ;Grand Rapids , Michigan ;Grapevine , Texas ;Greater Carrollwood , Florida ;Great Falls , Montana ;Greeley , Colorado ;Green Bay , Wisconsin ;Greensboro , North Carolina ;Greenville , North Carolina ;Greenville , South Carolina ;Greenwich , Connecticut ;Greenwood , Indiana ;Gresham , Oregon ;Gulfport , Mississippi ;Hacienda Heights , California ;Hackensack , New Jersey ;Haltom City , Texas ;Hamden , Connecticut ;Hamilton , New Jersey ;Hamilton , Ohio ;Hammond , Indiana ;Hampton , Virginia ;Hanford , California ;Harlingen , Texas ;Harrisburg , Pennsylvania ;Harrisonburg , Virginia ;Hartford , Connecticut ;Hattiesburg , Mississippi ;Haverhill , Massachusetts ;Hawthorne , California ;Hayward , California ;Hemet , California ;Hempstead , New York ;Henderson , Nevada ;Hendersonville , Tennessee ;Hesperia , California ;Hialeah , Florida ;Hickory , North Carolina ;Hicksville , New York ;Highland , California ;Highlands Ranch 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