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Green Office Technology  

Quite simply "Innova Green office technology" , it's green and energy efficient computingBy Going Green, we commit to cut your IT cost by 50% present  or more (Voice & data) and at the same time achieved  seamless collaboration, communication & improve efficiency . We guarantee these and If you do not save, we will pay you the difference.

Innova is a trained and authorized  Google Apps Enterprise authorized reseller and cloud apps integrator . 

 Motorola Passive Optical LAN- Green Infrastructure wiring 

Innova Green Technology will cut your building infrastructure cabling, network hardware deployment and  maintenance costs by over 40% percent. We are so sure we can save you 40% or more, we guarantee it and If you do not save we will pay you the difference . Contact us for Innova Green infrastructure Technology and receive a free proposal. 

Innova is a trained and authorized  Motorola Passive optical network installer and solution partner

Authorized Motorola solution partner                                                                       

Innova Global Technology is a Motorola Solution Provider and partner focused on bringing cost saving  green technology through  Motorola’s Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution to the marketplace.  

Go Greener and win with Motorola PON . Less plastic and less copper 

In typical deployment, POL results in a reduction of 8,000 pounds less plastic versus a Category 6 copper infrastructure, and 28,000 pounds less plastic compared to a Category 6A copper  infrastructure. In addition, the POL uses 8,000 pounds less copper and adds 30 pounds of glass.

Single line drawing traditional LAN vs optical LAN

Five year OpEx POL ( passive optical LAN ) vs PMC ( Present Mode of Operations )

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Go Google , Go Green and Win (Cloud Sourcing) 

Motorola a Global Communication Innovator  


Being Green Makes Business Sense

At Innova, sustainability is a core value that comes directly from our main mission statement .

Greening our and our clients operations is the right thing to do, and it makes business sense too and its done by reducing operating costs ( OpEx ) and Capital Costs ( CapEx ) to keep our business competitive.

Office technology can enhance sustainability, as well as contribute to potential LEED certification in several of the categories identified by the USGBC.

Converging technologies

A- Cloud computing ( virtual servers available over the internet )

B- Optical Network and infrastructure ( The most efficient way to deploy building IT infrastructure )

C- Systems convergence

Converging technologies introduction

A- Cloud computing

A good example of how to save cost, energy and carbon is cloud computing with Google cloud computing ( Google Apps, Google Market place and Google API engine ) . Companies that operate “in the cloud” are saving money, energy and the environment.

That is the conclusion of a new study commissioned by Microsoft.( The Environmental Benefits of Moving to the Cloud ). The study also highlights the country’s top cloud friendly cities and shows that cloud computing is a growing sector of the IT services community. Cloud computing is the term used for virtual servers available over the internet. The latest study is a lifecycle analysis that calculates the environmental impacts of a product across its entire lifecycle. The study showed that companies using certain cloud-based applications can reduce energy use and carbon emissions by at least 30 percent. Saving Energy and Carbon in the cloud.

Review this study in detail – read more ( under The Environmental Benefits of Moving to the Cloud study )

B- Optical Network and infrastructure

One example of sustainable design as it relates to commercial building technology systems is the concept of Motorola’s Passive Optical LAN offered by Innova Global technology.

More and more today, building’s low-voltage systems and power- hungry layer 2 network switches are replaced by Passive Optical LAN ( POL ) or Passive Optical Network ( PON).

PON is passive since no power, air conditioning or active equipment ( switches, UPS, servers ) are required in  building wiring closets (  IDFs ) . POL eliminates vertical or horizontal copper cabling requirements ( Cat3, Cat5,  Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Cat8 ……..  ). POL is also capable of up to 1 Gig bandwidth delivery to desktop and single mode fiber lifespan is 20 years plus.

In typical deployment, POL results in a reduction of 8,000 pounds less plastic versus a Category 6 copper infrastructure, and 28,000 pounds less plastic compared to a Category 6A copper infrastructure. In addition, the POL uses 8,000  pounds  less copper and adds 30 pounds of glass. 

POL , an all-fiber LAN solution that operates on a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), is a leading alternative to the traditional LAN network that enables architects and design engineers to increase the use of eco-friendly materials while significantly reducing energy consumption and significant costs associated with traditional LAN architectures . PON review - Read more  read more ( under The Architectural Choice for Greener Buildings, Lower Costs, and Higher Performance )

POL is a proven technology and has been deployed for US residential customers under Verizon FIOS brand name and as of 2009 the number of homes with FiOS availability was 12.7 million.

Innova commitment to sustainability encompasses having the ability and experience to design buildings technology and infrastructure following LEED criteria and to successfully manage the LEED Administration certification process.

POL Benefit Summary:

  • Simple to deploy and perfect solution for  new commercial building  or upgrades
  • Significant CAPEX and OPEX Savings with the Passive Optical LAN
  • Green advantages including space, cost and energy reduction 
  • Reliability (Carrier-grade technology and fiber optics) and Security

C- Systems convergence

This convergence of systems — including building automated systems, lighting controls, audiovisual systems, and security and wireless systems — to a single Infrastructure system ( i.e. PON ) system increases efficiencies in the delivery of these technologies, maximizing their flexibility and reducing the infrastructure, installation and operating and capital expense costs associated with their use.

Requirements under LEED and most basic energy codes call for the inclusion of occupancy sensors for lighting, thermal and ventilation controls.

Considering work, IDF and MDF areas,  We believe Motorola PON Technology gains more than 5- 8 LEED points  for the OpEX and can qualify for greater CaPEx because of the less raw materials that are typically installed for a network at a varying point structure depending on the size of the project.

The above is based on the pinnacle of raw materials like copper prices rising at a continuum and inexpensive electronics available at a lower continuum and the single mode fiber will continue to support the higher and higher endpoint speeds available today and for next twenty years  by taking advantage of Dense Wave Division Multiplexing.

Also converging these systems onto a single fiber optic LAN system drastically reduces the quantity of cabling needed to support the building, elementary layer two switches, Hub rooms , air-conditioning and IDF and decreases the number of physical equipment locations needed to maintain the systems, and permits a single contractor to install all of the cabling.

Green building technology consulting services

Innova commitment to sustainability encompasses having the ability and experience to design buildings technology and infrastructure following LEED criteria and to successfully manage the LEED Administration certification process.

The ability to design sustainable buildings with an eye towards LEED (LEED NC, LEED CS, etc.) is a strength that we fully leverage on behalf of our clients. Consider Innova as a full service engineering firm with the ability to guide you through the LEED certification process.

Innova provides Green Building technology and infrastructure and LEED-specific consulting services for all project types, including commercial, institutional, higher education, K-12 schools, healthcare, residential, retail, hospitality, recreational and cultural.