Santa Clarita Wi-fi WLAN installment software configuration set up

Wireless Site Survey - Wifi / Wireless Network & Access Point Installers in Santa Clarita, CA

  • Adding Wireless Hotspots to your business?
  • Experiencing dead areas in your wireless network?
  • Looking to add wireless to your environment?
    Let us help! Innova Global provides Wireless Site Survey services to map out your current environment and ensure you are running the most efficient wireless network possible. We can help you add Guest Hot-Spots, find and fix dead spots, or help you add wireless access points to areas you have not had wireless before. Our wireless site survey will leave you with a picture of what you can't see otherwise, helping you avoid costly troubleshooting in the future.
Securing your wireless network? We can help there too.

    Our trained professionals can validate your current security with a wireless penetration test or simply help you design the most secure wireless environment following best practices. Rest easier, knowing that your wireless network is safe and secure.

For more information on Wireless Site Survey, or any of our Professional Services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Wireless networking (WiFi) is increasingly being used by businesses as more and more IT managers, consultants and end users experience the benefits and conveniences of wireless networking technology. The conveniences afforded by utilizing WiFi networks has proven indispensable in certain environments where mobility is a key factor. Regardless of the environment, the success of any wireless network installation rests on proper setup of the wireless network, with WiFi security and reliability being key. We can offer you a contractor than can consult, design and implement WiFi / Wireless network solutions in Irvine and surrounding areas. Services offered include, but are not limited to:
  • Irvine Wireless Access Point Installation & Setup
  • Multi-vendor WiFi/Wireless Router Installation
    • Cisco
    • Avaya
    • Linksys
    • Dlink
  • WiFi Hotspots
  • Outdoor Broadband Wireless / WiFi
  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multipoint Wireless
  • Wireless VOIP
  • Irvine Wireless Video Surveillance, Wireless Security Cameras & Systems

AirMagnet Planner - Wireless Network & Access Point Installers in Santa Clarita, CA

Accurately plan and deploy a/b/g/n wireless networks in any indoor environment
  • Complete 802.11a/b/g/n support for designing indoor WLAN networks
  • Model building construction materials/obstructions and 802.11 APs
  • Built-in assistance to define migration strategy to 802.11n
  • WLAN throughput estimation at every location
  • Create and model any antenna and preview impact to WLAN
  • Generate customized “Bill-of-materials” report
  • Built into AirMagnet Survey PRO
AirMagnet Planner is a wireless network planning tool that accounts for building materials, obstructions, access point configurations, antenna patterns and a host of other variables to provide a reliable predictive map of Wi-Fi signal and performance. The solution offers superior predictive modeling to determine ideal quantity, placement and configuration of APs for optimal security, performance and compliance.

AirMagnet Planner includes built-in automated tools to help users with their migration strategy from existing legacy 802.11a/b/g networks to 802.11n technology.

AirMagnet Planner can be purchased as a separate product or as a fully integrated feature of AirMagnet Survey. When integrated with AirMagnet Survey, users have a powerful solution that combines state-of-the-art predictive modeling with real-world performance data. Read more about our Wireless AirMagnet Planner here.