Pay for project , office relocation or move lead

Pay for Data , Voice, Video , Audio network cabling and system installation lead and project  

Do you know a business or a compnay requires Data , voice, Video and or Audio cabling ?

Do you know a business or a compnay requires Data , voice, Video and or Audio  equipment and system installation and cross connects ? 

If you do Let us know NOW!

When, we close a deal with them we will pay you a minimum of $100.00 for lead or up or 6% of the profit, which ever is higher!

It’s easy! Just  call us ( 949-442-6666 or 877-448-4968 ) or  fill out the form below to register the lead. 

Once submitted the client is registered as your lead for one  project and its  transaction.  We will send you a confirmation and lead registration number  ( LRN ) 

Once we close a deal and get paid in full we will send you  cash or a check immediately ! 

The form must be complete in order to register the lead. This is the best way to secure  and time stamp your lead ( s )  in our system  

**Please read additional rules at the bottom.

** If we find that you are registering poor leads you can be disqualified without notice and or warning. 
One example of a poor lead, but not limited to, You know a possible client and register them just in case 
they buy down the road. We  reserve the right to define “poor lead” as we se fit.
You also can not ranumely register company names . 

You may not register your own lead for equipment that you want to purchase. Do not break any rules, laws, or policies for your company, when providing leads. Bring us good leads and we will be happy to pay you once the payment is finalized and cleared the banking process! Checks are normally mailed within 15 days of completed transaction. In most cases we will pay you within one week. We reserve the right to change any and all rules and conditions at any time without notice. 

This program is available for projects which have $1000.00 plus  in revenue.