Rating Index


Rating Index

INNOVA GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY, INC. recently underwent a review of customer and project references in order to become a Innova Global Affiliate. A ProSavvy Affiliate is a consulting firm that is part of an elite network of companies that undergo the most rigorous third-party performance evaluations in the consulting industry. As a service to Affiliates, Innova Global provides each Affiliate with a benchmark report that shows how their firm compares to the other Affiliates in their network. The benchmark report is generated from all Performance Appraisal surveys completed to date. Innova Global benchmark scores can be a vehicle for a company to identify a firm's areas of strength and areas for development as compared to the other Affiliates in theInnova Global network.

Any consulting firm applying to an Affiliate must meet Innova Global's proprietary, and stringent standards based on uncensored quantitative and qualitative surveys of previous clients and the  commit for ongoing, systematic reviews. The results are presented in Performance Appraisal reports that are available to users of Innova Global service to help them select the best firm for their project needs. Affiliates must also adhere to Innova Global's Professional Code of Ethics and demonstrate a superior level of expertise, personalized service and cost-effectiveness to clients.

-Innova Global Benchmarking:

INNOVA'S average score is the result of all scores given by the individual INNOVA clients surveyed. To qualify as a Innova Global affiliate, a consulting firm must maintain average scores of 3.0 or above for overall satisfaction, responsiveness, and results. Scores of 2.7 or above must be maintained on cost and schedule. Thus the average score affiliates will typically be between 3.0 and 5.0 for a given criterion, with 5.0 demonstrating the highest rating possible. Noted is the result of the survey conducted by Innova Global, as compared to the average score of affiliates.