Project and Customer Examples:

 Unique Customer Solutions designed and implemented by INNOVA Project Teams! INNOVA provides services for literally hundreds of notable clients, from Fortune 500 conglomerates to small independent entrepreneurial companies. Innova has its reputation on the ability to manage large-scale commercial/industrial/retail projects, and rollout projects subject to aggressive completion dates. Global Retailer With a budget of more than $500 million, this retailer underwent the largest network conversion in recent retail history. This retailer had extremely aggressive deadlines and significant challenges in meeting quality and specification requirements. The Ethernet solution installed in 2200 stores supported new merchandising, inventory control, POS, and wireless networks. INNOVA project deployment and installation teams completed hardware and wiring installations in nearly 900 stores over a nine-month period. Without the available use of project installation documentation or architectural plans from the customer, INNOVA project consultants designed and wrote the scope of work; and, without store plans, INNOVA field supervisors designed and built each infrastructure to meet the needs of each store. Locations included US Metropolitan and Rural areas, as well as, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Alaska and Guam.

E-Services Provider:

A global and thriving e-services provider called on INNOVA engineering, project management, and installation teams to assist them with their first international site in Nakita City, Philippines, after a series of successful installations in various major cities nationwide. INNOVA provided communication cabling system consulting, design and installation services.

Fortune 500 Client:

While rolling out a large project that included wiring, network equipment, wireless, network verification and cut-over services for a Fortune 500 client, INNOVA recommended that two qualified team consultants manage the control center  operations. The recommendation was made due to the lack of support for field personnel completing installations, to improve network-verification processes, and to build team synergy between INNOVA field QA supervisors and network controller teams, which had limited knowledge of field installation procedures or network cut-overs. INNOVA consultants carefully evaluated all aspects of the existing processes and manpower resources, and developed a plan to increase productivity by 300%. The plan resulted in significant improvement in network installation quality and functionality testing, as well as, an increase in productivity per controller with an average increase from one to four conversions per night. This resulted in a contract for INNOVA to provide management and technical network staff for the deployment operations center for this Fortune 500 client. Fortune 500 Client.