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As a contractor, I have 2 laptops: one is provided by the client (client-laptop) and one is my personal/contractor laptop ("personal-laptop"). Client-laptop has a docking station and a hard-wired LAN connection. I want to share the connection from client-laptop with personal-laptop so that personal laptop can also access the client's databases, intranet sites, etc.

I thought of perhaps using a virtual wifi router installed on client-laptop and then connect via wifi from personal-laptop, sharing client-laptop's network connection, but client discourages installing software on client-laptop. Rather, I would like to install the virtual wifi router on personal-laptop and have client-laptop connect to personal-laptop's virtual wifi router. The problem is that virtual wifi router cannot share the internet connection of a guest (client-laptop) but can only share the internet connection of the host (personal-laptop). Any recommendations?

Other things I've considered: Use 4G/LTE wifi hotspot for personal-laptop. Problem: personal-laptop cannot interact with company databases and LTE is not as fast as client network.

Install virtual wifi router on client-laptop instead of personal-laptop. Problem: company frowns on installing software, although I am technically able to.

Use portable (install-less) virtual wifi router on client-laptop. Problem: I don't believe that a portable virtual wifi router exists.

Use bluetooth to share internet connections. Problem: pretty sure that bluetooth is really slow (~1Mbps). Also, I've found bluetooth to be quite frustrating in the past.

Use portable (install-less) proxy server on client-laptop. Problem: I don't believe that a portable proxy server exists.

To complicate things further: I would like to configure personal-laptop to use an offsite SSH proxy server (WinSSHD, which I manage) for all connections that are not on the client network. Example 1: To use YouTube from personal-laptop I envision the requests/packets make the following journey: browser request (personal-laptop) > SSH Tunnel (Tunnelier) (personal-laptop) > virtual router adapter (personal-laptop) > ?internet connection sharing? (client-laptop) > client proxy server (I believe it's required for all outbound connections) > my offsite SSH proxy server (WinSSHD on the east coast) >

Example 2: Query Oracle database on client-network: Oracle client query (personal-laptop) > virtual router adapter (personal-laptop) > ?internet connection sharing? (client-laptop) > Oracle database server (client-network).

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