Be Careful of Cyber Criminals on Free WiFi...Wifi Contractor Fullerton

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Be Careful of Cyber Criminals on Free WiFi...Wifi Contractor Fullerton

I thought I’d get off the construction talk for a week and talk a little bit about “cyber crime.”  I read an interesting article online today from The Star, a Canadian media company.  The article warned people to be careful about cyber crime while using public WiFi.

All too often, when we’re out of our “home” area, we get notified on our mobile devices about “free WiFi.”  Unfortunately, these WiFi’s are just an easy way for criminals to gain access to your personal information on your mobile phone or tablet – like bank account information.

The cyber criminals are very sneaky and disguise themselves in a way that makes them look legitimate.  For instance, some will send text messages with a link to receive a voice mail.  Once they gain access to your phone, now they have access to everything on that phone, like pictures, documents, or personal information. 

Is there anything to do?  Yes, some possible solutions are:

  1.  Password protect your mobile device
  2. Think about adding specific security software for mobile devices
  3. Don’t access free public WiFi

A lot of this is common sense, but unfortunately, we’re not always paying attention.  There are a lot of crazy people out there, and they’ll go to no end to rip you off.

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