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Wi-Fi is the fastest growing and most popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly over a computer network, including high-speed Internet connections. In the early 2000′s, many cities and businesses around the world announced plans to construct and implement Wi-Fi networks.


  •  As the commercial population becomes more mobile, two trends have emerged for Wi-Fi solutions to address:
1.Mobile applications now demand more bandwidth – Video and voice applications have increased the demand for pervasive bandwidth…everywhere.
2.Individuals carry multiple wireless devices – With an average corporate mobile device/user ratio approaching 2.7 (laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone), client congestion has become a problem for wireless networks.

The 802.11ac specification offers a maximum data transfer speed of more than 3Gbps and provides support for up to eight streams. This means one thing: significantly faster data transfer speeds.

The challenge for 802.11ac is to meet today’s functional demands and the explosive wireless market growth that is expected to triple over the next three to five years. In addition networks are adapting to the growing demands of users with HetNet (heterogeneous network). The concept of a HetNet is a network with many different aspects and technologies, from Wi-Fi to femtocells, all working together. This means Wi-Fi technicians are helping you get quicker data rates and making services work better. The term HetNet is also used in wireless networks using different access technologies. For example, a wireless network which provides a service through a wireless LAN and is able to maintain the service when switching to a cellular network is called wireless HetNet.

If you are looking for an experienced Wi-Fi technician or a structured cabling contractor, the Innova global team is highly trained to ensure that your building is wired correctly and up to code. To learn more about our innovative services, including wireless network installation, or to speak with an experienced cable contractor OC county and LA county 

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