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The fifteen (15 ) second Elevator Pitch

I believe 15 seconds is more than enough time to tell someone what  you or your business offers and how it can benefit them.

The 15-second elevator pitch is the most power full way you can communicate  to your customer or your new employer  “what” and “why” of  you or your business .

Following is an example of an elevator pitch that only communicates the features of a product or service and not its value or benefit:

Innova installs the things that make communications work locally and nationwide. ( 7 second )

From this statement it is easy to discern what Innova does. However, it does not tell you how this business and its products and services can benefit you. The missing piece in this message is actually what compels individuals to purchase a business’s goods and services. Without the stated value to the customer, no true differentiation is communicated.
Here is an example of that same elevator pitch above, with the customer benefit incorporated into the statement:

Innova installs the things that make communications work locally and nationwide. We provide high quality single source design, installation, deployment and maintenance of wiring, network and cloud computing systems. ( 15 second )

From this effectively constructed positioning statement, it is clear that fifteen seconds is enough time to deliver your pitch. You need to keep your messages short and impactful, incorporating both the “what” and the “why” of your offerings. Oftentimes, you have only seconds to engage a your clients or employers  on the other end of a call, between floors in an elevator, or during a brief encounter at an event or this form..

It is, therefore, an essential business requirement that you have concise, hard-hitting messages to communicate your experience and business’s value, succinctly( expressed in few words ) , to new employer , prospects and customers.

You need to practice and memorize you 15 second elevator message

First, imagine you are in the elevator with a person who just happens to be looking for exactly what  you and your company  offer  or sell.

Second , let us assume you are are  unprepared to deliver your killer message. The message that keep you above others. The opportunity walks right out those doors when they open on the next floor.

Third,  imagine that same opportunity arises, but this time you are armed with the proper pitch ( what and why ) when the opportunity presents itself,  you introduce yourself  and deliver the message.

Is it not possible that the message may peak the interest of the person sharing the elevator, so that he/she agrees to a follow-up discussion? Of course it is.

Furthermore, that exceptional opportunity might just turn into a significant opportunity for you.

An elevator pitch isn’t something magical that shakes money from the trees or is appropriate to use in every situation, but it should be designed to deliver enough impact when used to help foster deeper discussion.

Be brave and be among the few that ask the magic question at the end  “ How can I help you in your business or objective  ? “ . You never know until you ask .

Providing high quality single source design, installation, deployment and maintenance of network wiring, communication networks and cloud computing systems locally and nationwide
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