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Emergencies, accidental disconnect, the act of nature and disasters don’t wait for normal business hours. Call us at 
877-448-4968, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Experienced, caring specialists will help you get back to your life. At Innova Global our commitment to customer satisfaction has moved the business from chaos to calm for over 15 years.

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Innova is a Nationwide Information Technology  contractor that can provide both fast and cost efficient  Voice, Data , Video, and Audio cabling and systems repair  of existing  or new  office and construction job from the ground up. Established in 1985, Innova Global Services, Inc. has grown to be one of the most dependable service contractors in the Nation. Our Google Cloud based system , Internet and Radio dispatched and GPS monitored vehicles  allow us to provide a fast response to all residential and commercial service customers, with most calls being dispatched in one hour or less.

Our crews have the skills to work closely with other trades, to not only provide the best quality possible but to perform at the highest  level that helps get the job done as scheduled. We are specialized in Optical fiber and copper splicing - dug up cables, cut in the ceiling cables, storm and earthquake damaged cables and wiring.

Call today and you will talk to an experienced field manager imminently or  in less than 10 minutes.

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When a Jet Plane Crash-Lands On Aircraft Carrier, first turn of the fire, there would  always be plenty time to find out who was the pilot and what went wrong. This true about IT cabling, wiring and system disconnects, first use your time  and energy to stop the damage ( loss of hourly productivity ) and they find out how you can prevent it from happening again. Management measures you  on how fast you fixed the issue  above everything else. We all know sh*t happens, how to fix it require knowledge, experience, and skills.

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Please contact us  first we have the experience to find and analyze  the issue and provide the best practices recommendation  to fix the issue the fastest and lowest cost possible .

To stop and prevent the issue from happening again , contact us to receive a Free A Risk Assessment Checklist For Small Business guide. This guide is ;

A security checklist (sometimes referred to as a lockdown guide, hardening guide, or benchmark configuration) is essentially a document that contains instructions or procedures for configuring an IT product to a baseline level of security. Checklists can be developed not only by IT vendors, but also by  consortia, academia, industry, governmental organizations and others. The checklist can be broad covering whether a company has a security policy, a business continuity/disaster recovery plan to specific hardening procedures of an operating system. It can even serve a step in the course of  conducting a risk assessment that would drive a cost/benefit analysis which I am going to explain in this document.


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What is  As-One- source and its benefits  ?

As One Force is the largest “Independent local expert technology installers and solution provider" community in the world ! Bringing expert local installer and solution provider  together As-One-Force. As One Force is based on expert  technology installation sourcing . As One Force aims for efficient delivery and deployment of technology projects and its support with highest quality at the best cost which benefit both the customer and the expert local installer and solution provider