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Looking for a professional wireless site survey for your office, campus, hospital, warehouse or campground? You've come to the right place. Our experienced network and WiFi engineers come to your site with all of the enterprise-class hardware and software necessary to complete a robust wireless survey.

    If you're investing in a brand new wireless network or are tired of nagging WiFi drops and dead spots, a professional wireless survey will give you an in-depth analysis of your current wireless space and what can be done to maximize coverage, performance -- and ultimately to maximize ROI on your wireless infrastructure.

    Innova Global is a network Installation company that specializes in routers, switches, network security and WiFi networks for businesses, governments, universities and hospitals. One of our most popular services that we provide are enterprise-class wireless site surveys for greenfield installations, troubleshooting and capacity/growth planning. Our wireless engineers are highly trained, professional and learn to fully understand the needs of our customer. At the completion of a WiFi site survey, our customers will not only receive the detailed results of the survey, they will also receive a simplified analysis that details what steps need to be taken to operate WiFi in your unique environment.

If you need a reliable, robust and wire-like experience from your WiFi network, please give us a call.

We have the ability to perform the following surveys based on customer need:
  • Passive Survey - A passive survey collects radio frequency (RF) signals at your site. This is commonly done at brand new - greenfield installations where equipment has not yet been installed. This survey is great for detecting RF noise levels and possible areas of wireless congestion. 
  • Active Survey - Our wireless survey equipment associates itself with the selected WiFi AP or network-wide SSID The survey will send and receive WiFi packets to and from the AP or SSID. 
  • Active Iperf Survey - An active Iperf survey is a more complicated and in-depth survey that provides details regarding transmission throughput speeds -- both uplink and downlink rates. This is especially helpful for capacity planning and troubleshooting slow networks. 
  • New Wireless Network (Greenfield) - If you are planning to build out a brand new greenfield WiFi network, we'll bring all the necessary WiFi hardware and tools needed to run a greenfield survey using actual WiFi hardware. We are also a Cisco and Ruckus Wireless partner so we can help you plan, design and build your next WiFi network. 
Additionally, we provide planning and modeling services that is used to pinpoint optimal WiFi AP installation locations for both brand new installs as well as suggestions on how to better deploy currently deployed systems to get better performance.

AirMagnet Spectrum XT - Wireless Network & Access Point Installers in Brea, CA

The spectrum analyzer for 802.11 (Wi-fi) networks that proa
ctively identifies and finds sources of RF interference
  • Industry’s largest RF interferer classification database to obtain automated answers to performance problems
  • Prioritize issues/interferers with Wi-Fi impact analysis capability
  • Custom signatures allow an instant response to interference problems and provide independence on classification updates
  • Spectrum analyzer will troubleshoot WLAN issues caused by RF interference at remote locations faster by avoiding costly "truck rolls."
    AirMagnet Spectrum XT is the first and only professional spectrum analyzer solution that combines in-depth RF analysis with real-time WLAN information for quicker and more accurate trouble­shooting of performance problems. This combined view of “impact analysis of RF interference” on the network’s overall performance helps pin-point the root-cause of those problems.

AirMagnet Spectrum XT is the ideal solution for network engineers and installers/integrators for troubleshooting and deployment of WLAN networks, and is available in the universal and convenient USB form factor, allowing it to be used on any notebook, netbook or tablet PC.