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Guest Wireless Networks

Innova Global Technology is unmatched when dealing with advising, designing and the installation of wireless networks. Our in-house Wi-fi solutions specialists will format a wireless solution catered towards your existing needs and expected demand. Employees of the Innova Global Technology Wi-Fi installation team are knowledgeable wireless engineers with years of experience installing some of the most complex systems. Our employees are recognized masters through the fields of professional and event wireless set up, wireless network renovation and wireless LAN security layout.

Innova Global Technology’s solutions focused wireless professionals work with you when getting bandwidth to a location may be difficult or cost-prohibitive. Our engineers design and deploy a state-of-the-art, point-to-point wireless solution that meets your needs and your price range.
Key Installation services include:

  • Installation of access points
  • Installation of enclosures (physical security)
  • Antenna deployment
  • Connection of antennas to access points
  • Backbone LAN to access point connection
  • Power to access point connection
  • Remote power system installation and connection
  • Verification of coverage Network management

Site Survey & Design

Understanding your unique situation and needs takes time, and we understand that when meet with you to find a solution that helps you and your clients.. We design and build networks for today's use as well as future anticipated needs. We use state of the art site survey tools to provide the best wireless coverage, no two buildings are alike and we treat each property as a new design. A few years ago, it was acceptable for a property to put up a few access points and offer "Free WiFi". Today, guests are bringing in laptops, iPADs, smart phones and gaming consoles. Innova Global Technology IT Solutions designs networks with density and performance in mind to give the best performance to your guests. With a detailed Site Survey, we show you how Innova Global Technology IT Solutions will provide the best AP density and overall coverage for your users!

Innova Global Technology IT Solutions is based in Southern California but our customer base is nationwide in the US. With our 24x7 Technical Support and Proactive Network Monitoring we are able to design, implement and manage networks of all types in any state. Today, hotels now need to support the bandwidth requirements of multiple devices per occupied room as guests are traveling with laptops and multiple devices. The demand for increased bandwidth by guests is ever increasing which can affect guest satisfaction and survey scores.

Innova Global Technology IT solutions is here to offer your guests HSIA bandwidth to ensure guest satisfaction, which means repeat visits. View our customers page for more information on the delighted users Innova Global Technology IT Solutions has.

Hybrid Internet

If you are searching for the means to supply free WiFi and establish a revenue stream, Hybrid Internet Solutions from Innova Global Technology is undoubtedly what you need. The ROI involved with utilizing a Hybrid Internet Solution is enormous, and unfortunately your competitors have discovered it and they are currently supplying it.

Go Hybrid

One of the fastest growing trends in hospitality is a Hybrid Internet Solution, this fantastic option makes it possible for your property to grant free Internet at a standard band-width level to all the guests, while offering them a choice to purchase superior bandwidth. Plus, you can require all non-guests to buy Internet at either the basic or high-end level. Innova Global Technology IT Solutions Hybrid Internet Solutions allows you to offer free Internet at a standard bandwidth, as well as a better bandwidth option and static IP addresses for business travelers for a charge.There are also zoning features with our Hybrid Internet Solution, which allows you to limit your free plans to the guest room and lobby, while continuing to charge for Internet in your convention and meeting spaces.

Innova Global Technology Managed IT Services

Innova Global Technology IT Solutions offers Managed IT Services to be the “IT Department” when your company doesn’t have an IT department. Innova Global Technology IT Solutions can create a "Worry-Free Workplace" for you, just as we have done for other companies. If computer and network issues are affecting your employee's productivity, call Innova Global Technology IT Services to create “The Worry-Free Workplace"!

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The Cost of Downtime

Viruses, slow-performing PCs, slow network performance and server failures affect employee productivity. Outages like these cost businesses valuable customers and thousands of dollars a year in revenue. With our affordable monthly plans, Innova Global Technology can keep your business running like clockwork.

Help desk Services

Are you looking for guaranteed service levels for your help desk service, technical support, or customer service needs ? Innova Global Technology IT Solutions help desk outsourcing service can offer your business those valuable services and more. By implementing an outsourced help desk you will give you and your IT staff the freedom to focus on your core competencies while giving your employees or customers a pleasant, satisfying help desk experience . We anticipate your employees Help desk calls by proactively monitoring our customer's environments.
We'll show you how you can save money each year through help desk outsourcing while Innova Global Technology IT Solutions provides world class help desk support.

On-site Support

A number of onsite hours are included in our affordable monthly plans to repeatedly and proactively improve your companies IT infrastructure.

Proactive Desktop, Network and Server Management.

We offer Managed Services, the complete support solution which identifies and addresses issues before they turn into complications by continuosly monitoring your servers, network devices, desktops and laptops .

Remote Monitoring

Innova Global Technology has a fully staffed data center that monitors, troubleshoots and escalates alerts on any problems that may arise from your network. Through our remote monitoring service and managed email protection, every aspect of your network and servers is monitored and issues can be identified and resolved remotely before you’re even aware of it.

Coverage Area

Innova Global Technology’s services are currently available in select cities as listed here . Please check the coverage . Our service area is available in the attached map . We are always expanding, and our services and service areas are expected to expand soon as well.