Network cabling Irvine

Contact us for a free estimate ☎ 877 448 4968 - Innova has been the leading Network Cabling Irvine and system installation company in the Irvine for over 25★ years. Innova Global install the things that make communications work locally and nationwide.

We provide high-quality single source design, installation, deployment, and maintenance of wiring, network and cloud computing systems. Innova Global is part of “AS ONE FORCE”. As One Force is the largest “independent local expert technology installers community” in the world. We aim for efficient delivery and deployment of the technology project and its support with the highest quality at best cost which will benefit both the customer and the expert installer.

High-quality single source design, installation, deployment & maintenance of network wiring, communication networks for Voice, data, Video, Audio and cloud computing systems. Business Computer Cabling, Computer Data Cabling, Data Cabling. Servers - PC, NT, NT Server, Windows,Local Area Networks (LAN),Wireless Area Networks (WAN),Hubs ,Ethernet switches, Routers, Switches, Cat 5,Cat 5E and Cat 6 cabling, Telephones, Telephone System, PBX , KSU, Key System, 10baseT, 100baseT, 1000baseT, GigaMan, 3COM,Cisco, Dell,Toshiba. Panasonic, Wireless,Bluetooth, Superstack,DSL,ADSL, SDSL,Patch Panel, Netgear,Intel,HP, Motorola, passive optical LAN , passive optical network, PON , GPON , Google apps, security camera, cable contractor, cabling company, cat 6 cable ,data cabling, Voice and Data cable and network, WiFi networks ,WiFi network ,wireless WiFi,network cabling, fiber optic cabling ,network cable installation ,cable networking ,voice and data cabling ,wireless installation wireless network installation ,voice data cabling ,cat 6 cabling wifi installation ,network WiFi ,cable installers and wireless access point setup