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Valens Becomes a Steering Member of the HDcctv Alliance

posted Aug 20, 2013, 9:13 AM by SeoWebPower Webmaster   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 11:15 AM by Blog Poster ]

Valens, a leading provider of semiconductor products for the distribution of uncompressed HD content, and high-definition surveillance standards body HDcctv Alliance Limited, today announced that Valens has become a Steering Member of the HDcctv Alliance. Valens is taking positions on the Alliance's Board of Directors and championing the adoption of HDcctv over Cat5e/Cat6 cabling.

“Having shipped millions of HDBaseT chips for high-definition consumer applications, Valens has proven that HDBaseT technology is high performance, reliable, and cost effective,” said Ilan Shaari, Valens Director of Business Development, recently appointed as a Director of the HDcctv Alliance. “Working within the HDcctv Alliance Technical Committee, Valens played a key role in adapting HDBaseT to address the needs of the surveillance equipment industry and to create the HDcctv CX physical layer standard. HDcctv-compliant equipment can now communicate over flexible, affordable Cat5e/Cat6 cabling using the same communication protocols and compliance test methodologies developed previously for HDcctv transport over coaxial cable.”

Valens’s leadership of the HDcctv Alliance is welcomed by other semiconductor manufacturers:

“Many security installers prefer to work with LAN cables, rather than coaxial cables,” observed Dr. Jon Hwang, President of HDcctv Alliance Member Eyenix. “As a top vendor of ISP solutions, Eyenix appreciates Valens’s contributions to the HDcctv CX standard, and we look forward in the future to providing HDcctv CX-ready chips for our customers’ HDcctv CX-compliant products.”

Equipment manufacturers are also excited that Valens is contributing to extending the scope of the HDcctv standard:

“HDcctv product sales are really taking off around the world,” said Henry Zhang, Vice President of HDcctv Alliance Steering Member Dahua. “We welcome Valens joining the HDcctv Alliance as a Steering Member. We expect that HDcctv CX will enrich the current product lines and carry the HDcctv standard even further toward meeting customers’ diverse application requirements.”

“HDcctv CX will be helpful to meet diversified market requirement and environment,” added Mr. Hong Geun Sun, President of HDcctv compliance certification leader WEBGATE. “We expect the HDcctv CX standard to contribute to HDcctv market growth, and we sincerely welcome Valens joining as a Steering Member of the HDcctv Alliance.”

"The HDcctv Alliance is working to create choices for transporting high-quality HD video within secured sites,” said Todd Rockoff, Executive Director of HDcctv Alliance. “Valens brings technology capabilities that are extending the HDcctv standard further toward meeting the ever-increasing needs of surveillance. Valens’s participation as a Steering Member of the HDcctv Alliance is likely to accelerate the worldwide migration to HD surveillance.”

About Valens

Valens is a leading provider of semiconductor products for the distribution of uncompressed HD content. Inventor of HDBaseT Technology, Valens delivers valuable and cost-effective connectivity solutions to a multitude of industries: from AV products suppliers, through CCTV equipment manufacturers, to system integrators, installers and consumers. With Valens’ semiconductor products homes, offices, hotels, airports and other public places can install a robust HD ecosystem easily, effectively and at very low cost. Founded in 2006, Valens is a private company, Headquartered in Israel with offices worldwide.

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The Valens logo is a trademark of Valens Semiconductor Ltd.

About the HDcctv Alliance

The HDcctv Alliance is the surveillance equipment manufacturers association that manages the HDcctv video interface standard.

Only certified HDcctv-compliant products bear the distinctive HDcctv compliance marks, which stand as a guarantee of electrical transmission characteristics, 100% multi-vendor interoperability, and compatibility across generations of HDcctv-compliant products.

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