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Welcome to Innova Global technology.

Specialists in Structured Cabling, Data Cabling and Network Cabling Installation services.
"Innova Global is Proud To Provide You With Quality Installations and Guaranteed Results Or You Do Not Pay Us." 
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By now you know Innova loves Prezi . We deliver many presentations using Prezi  and  Google's  and Google App's technology . 

This is a Green idea since we do not have to travel our potential clients or print many pages of marketing materials . This also allows our clients to have 24X7 access to the presentation materials  . As you know we can update the Prezi presentation and web will be updated  with no delay.

Naturally, We  like our clients and  audience ( I.e. you )  to spend time in our website  . I think this has to do with SEO  technique and  webpage bounce rate . :)

Convert prezi to video 

Add voice to  Prezi presentation - method #1 

Green technology from Motorola called passive optical lan - 86 farms  . To add live voice to this present with no cost is based on Google apps embed code  in to the website next to Prezi . Click on the  on blue phone handset on the right and place your name and number .

This is what happens.

a- You get call automatically 
b- I get a call from you automatically 
c- I go over the presentation with you live  and in person
d- There is no cost associated with this call . ( in US ) 

Detail presentation 

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Click on  play ( )   to load in the above 90-page presentation and then continue play to view all displays . Select more for auto play / full screen 

Add voice to  Prezi presentation - method #2 

This method  is  by using Google market place affiliate  Pixetell   Video Mail / Screen Recorder (FREE). See this video an you see how you can add your voice , video and Prezi to your video  and then export it to Google 

What is Pixetell ?

Pixetell - Free Video Mail / Free Screen Recorder / Free Webcam Recorder / Free Hosting

Add voice to  Prezi presentation - method #3

Above two methods are fin with PCs and the best browser to use is Chrome however when it comes to tablet and  mobile phone and presentation in convention via internet and large screen TV  Prezi  and also embedded video  might not be played automatically .

This is what we recommend, design your Prezi and get a copy of presentation displays. Transfer the displays to picture format ( i.e jpeg ) and insert them to a Java carousel . 

Embedding  Java carousel  to any website is based Ifram which is very easy to do 

Following Carousel is design to have :

a- Display picture ( up to 25 pictures or displays ) 

b- Audio ( any length ) 

c-Gray area  text ( elevator message)

d-Navbar hyper link  and iy plays nicely in mobile phone and tablets .

Click on this link to see a different  sample of carousel with audio www.innovaglobal.com 

Carousel sample - POL highlights


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