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Actresses, Actors or Models for Web Video and Commercial Web Video

We are looking for Website Video Spokespeople to produce a ONE minute promotional videos for our products and services . Our company, Innova Global Technology, creates original video content for distribution online through outlets like YouTube, Facebook and more.
We need actresses, actors or models to create a series of short videos on the subject of wire and wireless communications and electronic products which will be posted on You Tube and Optimized to get maximum amount of hits.

This is a mutually rewarding opportunity, since we get the benefits of our product and service promotions, and you - the actor, actress or model will gain exposure. The audience for the video content is worldwide and in hundreds of different industries. The videos will be seen by nearly every type of marketplace which could possibly employ wire and wireless electronics This bring recognition which is not only rewarding but also an excellent way to promote , advertise your skills and build on line portfolio.

Did I mention, you also get PAID? We pay $50.00 for each video accepted.    

This is an on going production and project . We might have up to three to four  projects for you . You can use your Webcam or video recorder to produce these videos. ( See a sample   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeMw7TD0coE  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blg_8gAJfgI )

Stage 1 :Our collaboration will be based on our Service introduction and promotion and if the result is mutually interesting and rewarding, then we will move to the following video topics

  1. Raise brand awareness
  2. Promote a product
  3. Demonstrate a service
  4. Instruct customers on product usage
  5. Increase website traffic and visitor retention and time spent on site
  6. Welcome visitors to web site
  7. Provide user feedback through testimonials

Stage 2 :  We will create a portfolio of your 1 minute video productions . We  post  and promoted these video s in  our website (www.seowebpower.com)  and solicit our clients video projects .

Web site video and Video SEO is a new concept  and it is forcasted  52% of all Internet search will be in video within the next 5 years . You  can read about its potential and importance  in our website.

Qualifications :

Must : We are looking for a actresses, actors or models (NON union) between, 30 to 55 years of age well spoken with attractive and natural warm presence on film.

Video production detail :
  1. The content is scripted, however you have flexibility for your own individualistic improvisation. Anything which you consider comfortable for you, should be fine for us, providing it's done in a professional business manner. We need you to act in an animated and enthusiastic manner while speaking about the product or subject matter which we wish to communicate to our target audience.
  2. You can produce the video based on your time and in given time farme ( usually a week ) .
  3. You can use your own video camera, and  camcorder . HD recording ( Kodak Zi8 ) is preferred .
  4. You can send us the video or upload it to Youtube. We provide video instruction if need one .
Samples: Take note, these & others have found the ability to produce a 1 minute video using Webcam or video recorder remotely helped them gain exposure, earn extra money and build their portfolio. see examples below:
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Candidates in the Los Angeles or Orange county area area should complete the attached form and upload  photos and/or  videos file or Link   (headshot, a current photo of yourself and a link to your acting ) so if you have anything, even a cellphone or webcam video of yourself talking, that's better than nothing.

If you are selected for an interview, we will contact you by phone so MAKE SURE you have include your contact phone number and name.

This is a direct contract hire, we are not accepting submissions from agencies.