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Relocating and moving New Office Solutions Irvine, Orange and Los Angeles County

posted Aug 15, 2011, 3:47 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Mar 12, 2017, 6:32 PM ]
You have probably found this video or website because you have been assigned to manage your office relocation project, , This means , You are the business owner, CIO or most qualified and talented manager in your organization. Congratulations !

Managing a relocation project is tough and requires special attention 

Now, you are wondering what are all the details  and how you will manage all of  them and at the same time keeping up with your regular business task as well.

Office relocation could be one the most costly ,disruptive and stressful experience you and your company can go through.

The most complex challenge may be Relocation of technology aspects of the move .

Don’t feel alone , this is true for many  CIOs , business owners or senior project managers.

Fact is ,  Relocation ranks as the top ten "most stressful life event", right up there with divorce, bereavement, losing a job, wedding planning, and commuting.

I am sure , you may heard stories of other companies that  their;

  • “move day”  were missed or delayed ,
  • project went way over budget ,
  • took longer than agreed,
  • had a large punch list,
  • totally disrupted the business,
  • de railed employees and operations for sometimes, and ;
  • even end it up in litigation that was more costly as the project

This does not have to be that way a well planed, budgeted  and timely manged  office relocation can keep :

  • original budget at lower cost ,

  • original project plan and move date ,
  • punch list free and perfect ,
  • improve business efficiency,
  • improve production and moral, and;
  • increases bottom line and profit

If you are planning your office move or relocation, with next 90 to even 30 days and demand outstanding result and success from start to finish , then do what many executives and business owners have done and follow the advise and check lists in Innova’s  “office relocation survival guide “.  Simply click on this link and we send you a free copy fast .

If you want , we will contact you and answer any questions you may have .

We have put together a coalition of local and national professionals with several hundred years of collective facility project experience that you can choose from to help you save time, money and manage headache free office relocation or upgrades.

Also  at no cost , we deploy google business solutions  and Google cloud base collaborative tools which are designed  to facilitate  office relocation project management  and reducing project cost by 20% or more .

Our mission is to assist you with your facility project needs from A to Z.  You can pick and choose  from services you want .

For example,  Do you need ?

  • Real Estate information,
  • building survey,
  • comprehensive project planning, management, cost control,
  • design,
  • de- & re- installations of office furniture,
  • de - &re- installation of  equipment, such as Phone, Data server , router and switches, surveillance, security  and PA system
  • new cabling system
  • re use exiting cabling system
  • relocating Hub room , network room and even data center
  • demo and remove equipment and cabling from the old site.

Or even  as part of relocation  you are  contemplating to move your phone and IT systems to the cloud and cut your capital expense and operating expense by 50% and more? We offer;

  • A full equipment audit undertaken prior to the office move
  • Assessment of IT & Telecom requirements in new office
  • Advising on a suitable Business Phone System for your new office
  • Creating a reliable Business Continuity Plan
  • Relocating IT & Telecoms equipment safely and securely
  • Setting up and testing of all equipment so it is ready to use
  • Providing a office move IT & Telecoms support service

Then call  Innova now !  and;

Discover Innova  Integrated services, experience, knowledge and resources  and how we can guarantee the best solutions and business continuity with minimum or no disruption and allow you to complete your  project on time, within budget and gain more desirable use of your time.

Depending on the size of your need, you can choose from any of our services. Our consulting, site survey, cost estimating, and analyses are all free and with no obligation.

Please contact us now, we will arrange a suitable time to meet you.
Knowledge is power, experience is everything, and time is the main enemy when it comes to facility relocation , move projects.

Act now !  and call us free  at  877-448-4968
We provide you with our collective experiences through an 86 page “ Corporate and operations relocation secrets and survival Guide with 90 days, 60 days and 30 days checklists.

I highly recommend  you click  the link  at the bottom of this video  right now and discover  the secret principals that  guaranty you improvements in your relocation and move project .  

Don't let the prospect of a huge undertaking put you in a tailspin.Call us now , We guarantee your satisfaction.