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Office relocation planning

posted Jul 30, 2011, 5:19 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Aug 30, 2011, 10:17 AM ]

Introduction to office relocation and move:

OK, we have to move… What is next???

We hope the following information, which is based on the corporate relocations that we execute each and every day, will help you get your move on the right track.

This blog  has been composed for the single purpose of making a relocation manager’s life easier.

It is up to the manager to step through…INNOVA can only open the door.

Relocations consist of a series of timely tasks, assignments and deliverables with close attention on cost containment, control and business continuity.

To assure success, you need a moving plan involving not just your IT department, but also your facilities managers and HR departments as well. As part of the overall plan, have a technology plan and an asset management plan.

  • Technology plan: What do you have? What do you need? Since most companies refresh their technology every 18 to 36 months, is this an opportunity to refresh, upgrade or expand your systems?
  • Asset management plan: Audit your existing assets. What's worth moving in the area of technology and furnishings? What should be replaced or upgraded? Can you install what you're moving in the new facility or are there obsolescence and incompatibility issues?
  • Determine who will be on the relocation team. What can you handle in house? What might you need or want to outsource?

According to the experts, moving from your house is one of the most stressful things that a person can do. But elocating the average business is many times more complicated than moving a single family. Especially when the business employs many people, then we’re operating on a completely different scale of complexity.

Tackling the human aspects of the move is bad enough, but when the company depends heavily upon its IT systems (as most of us do these days), planning and effecting the technology migration and relocation can be a real headache. Thankfully, a major relocation is not something that most businesses have to tackle that often. But of course, that’s also a disadvantage. Experience counts for a great deal in any major project.

The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step….

If managers are not prepared for what lies ahead, a move can be very hazardous to a company’sbottom line, employees, customers and its operations. Most companies put a move coordinator or a manager in charge of the overall move. These managers by nature should be experienced in theirdaily tasks and detail oriented.

However, more often office and company operation relocation is not part of employee’s daily business task or they have never gone through the experience before. How does one know what to expect? 

As you see, the volume of details that must be attended to is mind-boggling.

Unfortunately, the fact is that most relocation managers learn as they go by making mistakes. These mistakes are costly in terms of a company’s out of pocket expense, lost productivity and lost customers. As one such beleaguered manager stated " The best education comes with a large tuition bill".

According to BOMA (Building Owner and Managers Association), “54 percent of managers who coordinate an office move either quit, transfer or make some type of leave upon completion of the move”.

Clearly learning by mistake is not the way to manage a company office or operation move.

Then, what can help? ………. It’s a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces that need to come together.

We have defined nine main pieces that need to come together.

1. Move scope definition, goals, plan, date and documentation
2. Relocation system and tools (by nature people fail, systems do not)
3. Comprehensive checklist and time line (Experience)
4. Project control and budgeting (Experience)
5. Contingency management and scheduling (Experience)
6. Cost planning and control (Experience)
7. Risk management (Experience)
8. Business continuity (Experience)
9. Test Acceptance planning, commissioning and de-commissioning (Experience)


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