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How to us Google+ hangout as a Go to meeting video conferencing using Google business solution

posted Aug 21, 2011, 12:23 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 12:13 PM by Blog Poster ]

#1- Prepare your presentation ( Google apps presentation or power point presentation )  . Export and get  screen pictures (i.e Jpeg  picture of your presentation )

#2- Upload these pictures to Picasa or video recording / capturing software such as   ( the lite version  ) and make a video . Read the presentation and give it enough time to be recorded .

#3- Upload the video to YouTube using your GMail account .

#4- Access your YouTube video and click on " share " button .You see Google+ Hangout button on the lower right hand side .

#5- Access Google+ Hangout, an click on it , your video presentation pages will load up ( which you can stop , start , pause , go forward and backward ) and you see your own video on the bottom of the page .

#6- Invite your audience through standard Google+ Hangout and start and share your  " cloud meeting". Make your presentation  live and collaboratively .

#7- If You want to record  your presentation. You can run Camtasia  at the same time and record your meeting or presentation and if you want to edit it later on , You can  use video editor .We highly recommend - Youtube video editor  (    Youtube video editor , or from Google market place   Stupeflix Studio ( video1 , Video2), you can also access Chrome extension and chrome web store and down load CamStudio

#7- You can upload this video to Google Apps / Video  ( private  YouTube )  and keep it as knowledge share you share it with specific group based on on their email addresses .

Happy presentation 

David Khorram 
Gone Google since 2007