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Google Power Search and practical usage of Google search in business to drive new revenue

posted Aug 13, 2011, 9:00 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Jun 26, 2017, 11:55 AM by Blog Poster ]
To discover the power of Google search , Recently, we have built a partnership with group of USC MBA students. Our goal is to discover  practical  usage of Google search in business. We are measuring our success based on projects and revenue they generate. 

Search is extremely powerful even beyond what we can imagine at this time  and I claim it  is even more interesting and addictive than  any  puzzle video games.  We need to link and monitor our work and progress based on revenue since it is easy to get lost in fun of search.

Check on - Here’s how to play a Google a day
Back to earth.......

Following topics are the  main search subjects. 

  1. Sales and lead generation 
  2. Business intelligence 
  3. Competition analysis
  4. Brand monitoring
  5. Customer Service
  6. Co-creation,  
  7. Brand management and monitoring
  8. Social CRM
  9. Competitive intelligence,
  10. Trend analysis
  11. Crisis management

We also are planning to take advantage of cloud sourcing ( Google Apps )  , crowd sourcing and expert sourcing techniques to enhance the results.

Our 1st project  - Lead Generation 

Our 1st project is based on creating search strings using relative Key words , key phrases, Google search operators , Google search queries focused on  finding sales leads in a specific  vertical.

 In this case , we are trying to find businesses that are contemplating or planning to relocate , move  or expand their offices, headquarters  and operations . Within the first two weeks,  We have generated very relevant leads  which are extremely valuable. Following  companies can benefit from these leads : 

  1. Commercial Real Estate Broker
  2. Relocation consultants 
  3. Security Companies
  4. Computer Networking
  5. Janitorial/Cleaning Services
  6. General Contractors
  7. Interior Designers
  8. Plantscapers
  9. Office Furniture & Equipment
  10. Carpeting & Floor Dealers
  11. Commercial Movers
  12. Telephone Equipment Companies
  13. Cabling & Wiring Companies
  14. CKT providers
  15. Computer Networking/Management
  16. Insurance agents 
  17. Local service providers 


If your interested to collaborate with us or access to our research , you can contact us  at : 877-448-4968 - Extension 107 

Following two subjects  also might be interesting to you .

A- During this process , we have found many useful and interesting references and sources .

  2. Guide to Analysing Companies 
  3. Guide to Business Modelling
  4. Guide to Business Planning 
  5. Guide to Economic Indicators Guide to the European Union 
  6. Guide to Financial Markets 
  7. Guide to Financial Management 
  8. Guide to Investment Strategy 
  9. Guide to Organisation Design 
  10. Guide to Project Management Numbers 
  11. Guide Style Guide OTHER ECONOMIST BOOKS
  12. and more 

B- Following is a  list of Google search operators.

1. Use quotation marks to search for the exact phrase "co-op board rejection" (strangely, a splog ranks higher than our original post Madonna Sues Her New York Co-op Board)

2. Use the pipe (|) for an either/or search (or use the word "or"): fsbo|by owner.

3. Use two periods (..) to find information within a number range, including yearsworst housing markets 1980..2006.

4. Use a minus sign (-) to exclude search resultsworst housing markets 1980..2006 -best. (since the search without the minus sign usually includes best and worst, use the minus sign if you only want the bad news)

5. Find similar terms with the tilde (~)~cheap homes. You get auctions, foreclosures, etc.

6. Use the wildcard star (*) if you don't know the missing worda man's home is his *.

7. Get a list of definitions with "define:define:foreclosure.

8. Use Google as a calculator (good for figuring a commission): 548,000 x6%.

9. To search a term in a particular blog or website use "site:". Useful if a website or blog doesn't have a search box: zillow. (Dang, 960 Zillow posts. We must have a crush on Zillow.)

10. Type in the area code to find out the city646.

11. The space and minus sign ( -)This eliminates duplicate search results. Google will ignore all search results that contain a phrase or word you put in quotes. Find a unique word or phrase that always appears in repetitive results. Let's say you're searching a company and keep seeing their Press Release that says "Announcing". Just type the company name (space) -"Announcing" and you just weeded out all those repetitive PRs from your search results. Note: If you forget the space, Google gets you back and gives you ONLY those repetitive results.

12. The hyphen (-)Pulls results for terms that have spelling variations. Example: left-handed pulls left-handed, left handed and lefthanded. (Yes, the minus sign and hyphen are one and the same.)

13. The pole (l). (It's above the backslash) Serves as an OR. Good for first name, last name searches. Example: Frank Zappa | Zappa Frank.  [If you added the hyphen (-), you'd find Frank Zappa, Zappa Frank, FrankZappa & ZappaFrank.]

14. Time & WeatherTime Hong Kong gives you the time in Hong Kong.Weather Hong Kong (or weather zip code) gives you the weather.

15. Local Movie times. Type the movie and your city or zip code: I am Legend 10022.

16. Track FedEx, USPS & UPS packages: skip the log in and just type in the tracking number.

17. Flight informationDelta flight 2456.

18. Comparisons: type in quotes: "better than___", "worse than___", or " ___ sucks" (for bad reviews). "better than ipod".
19. Reverse lookupType in a phone number and Google gives you the address and/or identity of the owner.

20. Conversion tool for currency and weights and measures100 US dollars in British PoundsSquare feet in an acreOunces in 5 pounds. Even timedays in 5 years.

21. Search for pdfs, Word docs or Excel spreadsheet: after the search term type filetype:pdf  ("real estate commission" filetype:pdf )

22. Highlight search terms in a search result: Click "cache" in a search result and Google will highlight your search terms in that result.

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If your interested to collaborate with us or access to our research , you can contact us  at : 877-448-4968 - Extension 107