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difference between Facebook and Google+

posted Aug 15, 2011, 4:42 PM by David Khorram
I found the difference between Facebook and Google+ and when Facebook should not be used . Facebook is a lot like the local bar or pub, you go there for small talk and chit·chat chit·chat and gossiping . But Google + is more like going to an interesting private club or convention or a trade show. You can take your co workers, friends or choose to take family and even the public ... it is your choice. it the best place to meet the global wisdom and intelligence . It can be used as "Global Intelligence Working portal " ( GIWP ) and create groups ( circles ) that can collectively work , collaborate and communicate ( hangout ) on a concept , problem or project. ... For example , We are creating a group creating crowd and expert sourcing engines using Google Apps .... These engines are social innovation platforms that enables small or large organizations instantly engage in dynamic and collaborative conversations, idation and problem solving .... Please use Google+ and join us...