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Corporate and operations move, relocation & expansion

posted Jul 30, 2011, 10:57 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Aug 2, 2011, 12:28 PM ]
Corporate relocation and nationwide relocation services

Where do you begin if you have been assigned as a Relocation Manager?

You’ve been assigned as relocation manager to coordinate all aspects of the move for your company’s new offices. Your management and a very organized individual trust you. Your first notion is that of an exciting and challenging new opportunity. You might think of a promotion you'd get when
the project is completed.

You begin to think about all of the things that have to be done to prepare for the move, you prepare a to do list , and then reality hits . Business Relocation is an overwhelming task.

You should know According to BOMA (Building Owner and Managers Association), “54 percent of managers who coordinate an office move either quit, transfer or make some type of leave upon completion of the move”.

Since most companies assign their best employees to manage the relocation task, this could cost them one of their major assets to the business and office staff. The day to day challenges facing the Relocation Project Manager is enormous;

      1. Construction Project Schedule.
      2. Where to start.
      3. The budget issues.
      4. Managing the vendors, contracts, permits, liens
      5. Reports, coordination and communication with staff.
      6. Reports and communication with management on the progress of the relocation.
      7. Making sure all the details are planned and executed on schedule, and responding to your own daily tasks.
      8. Make the move date and deadline
      9. Meet management and employees expectation
To start … We believe the solution can be mapped as follow:

And we need to have an answer for the following questions:

1. Can you manage the above in-house and what would be the cost?
2. Who is the main contact or company relocation manager? Is it you or some one else?
3. Do you have all required support staff in-house?
4. Do you know all you need? Do you have proper checklist?
5. Can you afford to lose your best people, or should you consider some risk avoidance measures
and look to experienced Relocation Managers and/or experienced technical consultants to assist
your staff with the project?
6. Who should you use?
7. Where will you find them?
8. How will you pay for their services?
9. When should you bring them on board?
10. Who will answer the technical questions, plan the cabling & IT Infrastructure designs and manage the implementation to ensure that the infrastructure will support your business needs?